Ruqola 2.1.1

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Fri Mar 15 15:56:29 GMT 2024

Ruqola 2.1.1 is a bugfix release of the app.


Preview url fixed
I implement "block actions" (it's necessary in RC 6.6.x when we invite user)
Fix OauthAppsUpdateJob support (administration)
Fix update view when we translate message (View was not updated in
private channel)
Show server icon in combobox server
Fix show icon for displaying emoji popup menu when we display thread message
Fix jitsi support
Fix dark mode

Source: ruqola-2.1.1.tar.xz
SHA256: 6f089271ef9f2f576aa31ddc404bdbc8ddd5ddecba3cd9ff829641123bceb0ae
Windows Build: ruqola-2.1.1-windows-cl-msvc2022-x86_64.exe
Signed by: E0A3EB202F8E57528E13E72FD7574483BB57B18D Jonathan
Esk-Riddell jr at

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