pulseaudio-qt 1.4.0

Nicolas Fella nicolas.fella at gmx.de
Tue Jan 9 21:58:54 GMT 2024


pulseaudio-qt 1.4.0 is released.

This release brings API additions, bugfixes, and Qt6 support.

Full changes:

Ahmad Samir (1):

Alexander Lohnau (1):
      Adjust target names and header paths for Qt6 build

Harald Sitter (1):
      don't crash when the server doesn't respond (Bug 454647)

Laurent Montel (7):
      GIT_SILENT: remove .arcconfig
      Fix qt6 support
      Use qt<version>
      GIT_SILENT: ignore build* dir
      Remove duplicate header between cpp/h files
      Add FreeBSD Qt6 CI support
      GIT_SILENT: Port to new CI template

Nicholas Guarracino (3):
      Add n_sinks and n_sources to Profile.
      Keep trying to reconnect to PulseAudio instead of only one time
      Add baseVolume to Device

Nicolas Fella (22):
      Enable Linux CI
      Add FreeBSD CI
      Add .pc file
      [models] Backport count property from plasma-pa
      [volumeobject] Make setChannelVolume invokable
      Use pulseaudio's compare functions
      [sink] Expose the monitor index
      [context] Set application information when creating context
      [context] Expose native context
      [server] Add API to check whether PipeWire is used
      Ignore streams from plasma-pa
      Implement setting per-channel volumes
      Create StreamRestore channel if none exists
      Support Qt6
      Bump soversion
      Enforce passing tests
      Fix CI dependencies version
      Run clang-format
      Add clang-format commit hook
      Fix d-ptrs leaking
      [card] Fix removing profiles (Bug 477104)
      Bump version for 1.4.0 release

Viktor Verebelyi (1):
      Include memory std header in context.cpp

ivan tkachenko (2):
      Add auto generated files to .gitignore
      tests: Port painspector away from Kirigami.SwipeNavigator

The sources are available at

The tarball is signed using 90A968ACA84537CC27B99EAF2C8DF587A6D4AAC1
available at

Note that this is a different key than previous pulseaudio-qt tars.


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