KDE Frameworks 5.83.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jun 12 20:16:06 BST 2021

12th June 2021. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.83.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Embed JSON metadata in KIOSlaves
  Convert protocol files to JSON
  [balooctl] Allow clearing a document which has been deleted


  Add missing Qt5::DBus to qml plugin

Breeze Icons

  Added new KMyMoney icon again with some extra tweaks
  Add Goodvibes icon
  Add an icon for skanpage
  Tweaked the Rust mimetypes to better match the official branding (bug 434346)
  Made links relative
  Updated icons and added symlinks
  Separated icons to -left and -right

Extra CMake Modules

  Add LicenseRef-KDE-Accepted-GPL to license compatibility Matrix
  ecm_gperf_generate(): add option for target arg to add the gen. source to
  ecm_qt_declare_logging_category: catch alias targets before failing internally
  Add module to find libmount
  Drop FindFontConfig.cmake
  Make sure that dir path exists before attempting to copy file
  Attempt to find the Play store icon if it's not explicitly set
  Add address sanitizer for MSVC
  ecm_create_qm_loader: support target as alternative argument
  Don't pass through list rich text elements, Google Play can't handle those
  Fix doc build with Sphinx 4
  Use pkg_check_modules in FindTaglib.cmake
  Find PkgConfig quietly
  Handle text-less tags
  ECMAddAppIcon: support target as argument
  Fall back to English for missing translated elements
  ECMSetupVersion: phase out deprecated *_VERSION_STRING CMake variables
  Extend Android language mappings for translated metadata


  Turns out the tier field was wrong, but not the subgroup


  [KArchive] Use better wording for open error
  Use imported target for ZLib


  Allow sorting of todos by category (tag)
  Use UTC times when calculating the transition dates of standard and dst phases
  Remove conditional compilation for libical older than 3
  Fix Compat-libical3-eGroupware.ics


  Deprecate KLineEdit::passwordMode


  kconfig_add_kcfg_files: catch alias targets before failing internally
  Don't write position data for maximized windows (bug 434116)


  Deprecate KTipDatabase and KTipDialog
  [KHamburgerMenu] Ignore native menus
  Add KCommandBar - a hud-style dialog for quickly executing QActions


  Allow setting email, phonenumber, impp from QML
  [addressee] Add property for photo
  Add properties to Picture


  kcoreaddons_add_plugin: make SOURCES argument optional
  KJob: if a delegate is already attached to a job, warn when setJob() is called
  Make KAboutData::productName accessible for KCrash
  Do not return duplicate plugins in KPluginLoader::findPlugins


  Use target_sources() to add sources to targets
  write metadata to a cache file when applicable
  Pass Bugzilla product name to DrKonqi when explicitly set in the app
  init rlp struct and don't cast rlim_t to int


  [KeySequenceItem] Display ampersands in shortcuts (bug 437718)


  [ExtractionResult] Remove automatic mimetype determination
  [ExternalWriter] Test property serialization
  [ExternalExtractor/Writer] Avoid unnecessary map value lookup from key
  [ExternalWriter] Fix infinite loop when serializing properties
  Avoid leaking a QObject in ExternalWriter
  [TaglibWriter] Fix memory leak when updating Cover images in ASF (WMA)


  Revert "Prevent kglobalaccel5 getting activated on non-Plasma systems" (bug 437034)

KDE GUI Addons

  Fix crash in keysequence recorder due to out of bound access


  ki18n_wrap_ui: catch alias targets before failing internally


  add std::chrono overload for addIdleTimeout


  avif: Adjust for libavif breaking change
  Enable HEIC plugin to save all ICC profiles
  Color profile loading/saving fixes
  xcf: Make sure offsets are not negative
  xcf: Fix Stack-buffer-overflow WRITE on broken files


  New job: KTerminalLauncherJob
  Remove the cache KCM
  Remove the Browser Identification KCM
  Fix outdated URL for RAE Search Provider
  KOpenWithDialog: expand category on selection (bug 437885)
  Support wayland's xdg_activation_v1
  [kopenwithdialog] Show better error message when specifying a non-executable file (bug 437880)
  Updating caching logic for thumbnails, to detect encrypted devices (bug 411919)
  Port ioslave template to use JSON metadata
  webshortcuts KCM: Remove unneeded rebuildKSycoca method call
  Remove ServiceTypes property from webshortcuts
  protocoltojson: Do not create empty array for ExtraNames value
  kio_file: remove pmount-related code
  Honor the port number when fetching favicons
  [KCoreDirLister] Guard uiDelegate(), it might be null (bug 437153)
  [src/widgets/kfileitemactions] Dont try to connect non-existing plugin
  Improve strings for file/folder and URL link functionality
  TCPSlaveBase: deprecate socket() and introduce tcpSocket()
  Allow selecting directories in KFileWidget (bug 419874)
  MimeTypeFinderJob: the StatJob details should include the mimetype (bug 398908)
  kio_file: pass the absolute path to QMimeDatabase::mimeTypeForFile()
  When finding a job delegate extension, also try the uiDelegate() of its parents (bug 436049)
  Capture sender object in connect() call instead of using sender()
  MimeTypeFinderJob: Resolve symlinks for a local file
  Put compatibility code which uses KMimeTypeTrader in deprecation wrappers
  PreviewJob: Create a larger SHM when necessary (bug 430862)
  [KUrlNavigator] Improve presentation of search results
  Port KFileItemActions::runPreferredApplications away from trader constraint
  Port KFileItemActions::associatedApplications away from trader constraint


  Update template app
  [ActionTextField] Switch actions to use small sizing rather than smallMedium
  fix(a11y): use semantically correct ellipses instead of semantically incorrect triple period
  use ecm_generate_qmltypes cmake macro
  SwipeNavigator hotfixes
  Fix back button in layers not asking Page::backRequested first before closing the page
  Split PageTab out of SwipeNavigator
  Split TabViewLayout out of SwipeNavigator
  [ActionTextField] Add more spacing between actions and text
  Improve look of card by making border a bit more subble
  [ActionTextField] Respect actions' enabled properties
  Adapt BasicListItemTest.qml to new API
  [BasicListItem] Offer vertical fill options for leading/trailing items
  Fix non-atomic updating of PlatformTheme colours
  Add BasicListItemTest case for leading+trailing items with skinny list items
  [BasicListItem] Increase icon size when showing or reserving space for subtitle
  [BasicListItem] Fix sizing for reserveSpaceForSubtitle: true case
  Fix BasicListItem.reserveSpaceForSubtitle to take into account textSpacing
  Fix rendering of small size borders of ShadowedTexture
  Add new fadeContent property to BasicListItem (bug 436816)
  Introduce Kirigami.Heading.type
  Disconnect before destroying items (bug 436707)
  [BasicListItem] Expose spacing between label and subtitle as property
  [BasicListItem] Increase spacing between label and subtitle
  Don't unnecessarily use the std::function overload of qmlRegisterSingletonType


  Ensure XmlLoader works in the expected, asynchronous fashion
  Add functionality to have a local providers file
  Don't show Go to... action unless it has children
  Fix opensearch parsing
  Make Syndication optional and only build OPDS plugin when present
  Change the role names in the search preset to custom ones
  Add in tagfilters and filter out entries that are not openaccess for now
  Add 'restart' search preset so people can go back to the search they started out with
  Add recommended and subscription to the searchpreset types
  Ensure to use the 'self' link relation for resolving relative urls
  Add download size if said information is available
  Add concept of search presets to hold navigation links for opds feed
  Make sure the documents are valid feed documents
  Add the start link as an entry so we can at the least always return to the root of the opds catalog
  Fix some misunderstandings with Download Link information
  Make caching work a bit better, and ensure it shows the installed entries
  Make the download links a bit prettier
  Try to implement the loading of new feeds from entries
  Initial patch for opds support
  Adjust help text for knewstuff-dialog
  Engine: Deprecate configSearchLocations and setConfigLocationFallback methods
  Make knewstuff-dialog work more reliable
  KNSCore::Engine: Add method to list all available knsrc files
  KNSCore::Question: Use nested event loop for waiting


  Deprecate BrowserExtension::actionSlotMap()


  Expose PersonsSortFilterProxyModel header
  Fix DBus check


  Implement monotonic cubic interpolation for line charts (bug 435268)
  Prevent an infinite loop in LegendLayout when minTotalWidth equals available
  Reduce severity of column not found to debug
  Expose preferredWidth as a property on LegendLayout and Legend


  RunnerManager::runnerMetaDataList: Do not return duplicate plugin IDs


  Do not crash if there's no Konsole
  Launch KCMs in kcmshell5 if systemsettings5 is not installed
  KToolInvocation: deprecate kdeinitExec()


  Avoid bad negative search offsets
  Fix vim cursor gets stuck with 'b'
  Limit shortcut context to active view for Reuse Word Above/Below (bug 352902)
  ensure remove trailing spaces value is in range
  Revert "Add option to keep spaces to the left of cursor when saving" (bug 433455)
  Revert "Update remove-trailing-spaces modeline"
  Revert "compute lastChar only if needed"
  Revert "Use KTextEditor::Cursor instead of ints in removeTrailingSpaces"
  Add "Transpose Words" feature (bug 436621)
  Don't apply the offset for the quoted regexp, as it is not zero-length
  Fix on-the-fly spell checking with recent Qt (bug 436004)
  fix :e for vi-mode to properly open non-local files, too
  fix :e filename for untitled documents
  Fixup registering text hint providers
  Add a separator line after 'Automatic Selection'


  Ensure instances of derived Private classes are properly destructed
  Un-overload KReplace::replace() signal


  Use protocol files from plasma-wayland-protocols
  Update Plasma Wayland Protocols dependency to 1.3.0
  Do not emit Surface::leave twice when an output is removed


  Ensure instances of derived Private classes are properly destructed
  Fix crash in KSelectAction (bug 436808)
  KFontChooser: always prepend the default font style in the styles list


  Provide KWindowSystem::lastInputSerial
  Include API for wayland's xdg_activation_V1
  Drop Qt5Widgets dependency if KWINDOWSYSTEM_NO_WIDGETS=ON


  Add KCommandBar to KXMLGui-using apps by default
  Remove the Attica requirement by using the store's new links
  Use new version-controlled enumerator deprecation warning macros
  Ensure instances of derived Private classes are properly destructed
  Don't translate urls (bug 436052)


  Make it compile with current flags


  Fix missing definition for IPv6 property when building against older NM
  IPv6Setting: add option to disable IPv6
  fix(pppoe): add parent

Oxygen Icons

  high def new version printer
  more versions of the printer icon size 16x16
  more size versions of preferences-kde-connect

Plasma Framework

  Fix crash when there is already exactly 5 events displayed
  Remove call to setClearBeforeRendering
  Fix missing definition of HAVE_X11
  Change qqc2-desktop-style Units.fontMetrics property to a FontMetrics
  Support for blur behind plasmoids
  Filter configure action out of overflow menu correctly
  Allow building the project without deprecations
  PC3 TabButton: Center align text without icon, use icon property
  PC3 TabButton: Fix horizontal content alignment with max text width
  Fix events appearing in year or decade view (bug 436999)
  Check QAction enablement before triggering
  Introduce new SVG element: `menubaritem`
  Add sizeForLabels icon size to Units
  Fix Label having non-integer sizes
  [pluginloader] Deprecate listContainments and listContainmentsOfType
  Deprecate PluginLoader::listContainmentsForMimeType
  add missing signal is setConstraintHints
  Allow ExpandableListItem to not be expandable when it has no valid actions
  [dataengine] Emit sourceRemoved earlier (bug 435991)


  [scrollview] Consider scroll bars when calculating implicit size
  User HoverHandler instead of MouseArea


  Ensure inherited PIMPL instances are properly destructed


  Add Malayalam trigram

Syntax Highlighting

  Rust syntax - Separate ControlFlow from Keywords
  Fix perl qw< > highlighting
  Update GAS syntax to highlight reg/instrs/jmp instrs

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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