Kongress 1.0 release

Dimitris Kardarakos dimkard at posteo.net
Mon Jan 25 20:44:54 GMT 2021

Hello everyone,

The first stable version of Kongress has been released.

Kongress is a conference companion application. Its purpose is to help 
participants to organize their visit or online participation in a 
conference. It contains the following features:

- A collection of conferences that the user may be interested in

- The scheduled talks, displayed in various ways: full, by day, or by 
category (if the conference is organized in different tracks)

- Start/end time of each talk can be shown either in the organizer's or 
local time zone

- The users can add a talk to a list of favorites. In case of 
overlapping talks, an information message is shown.

- Reminders before the beginning of the talk can be displayed. This 
interval can be configured by the users (supported only on Plasma >= 5.20)

The primary target user-base of Kongress is people attending a 
conference with a Linux mobile phone. It also works on desktop, 
leveraging the convergence capabilities of Kirigami.

Tarballs and signatures are available here:



The tarball has been signed with this key:

dimkard at posteo.net
Fingerprint 	4711 EFA1 1395 4EC5 E8F8 4C2F DD10 816B A7DE 60CE
Valid from 	2019-01-08 19:07:39 +0100

A release announcement will be posted in the following days.

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