Introducing the PinePhone - KDE Community edition

Paul Brown paul.brown at
Sun Nov 15 12:22:25 GMT 2020

Dear Journalist,

KDE and Pine64 are announcing on today the imminent availability of the new 
PinePhone - KDE Community edition. This Pine64 PinePhone gives you a taste of 
where free and open mobile devices and software platforms are headed.

The  PinePhone - KDE Community edition runs neither Android nor iOS, but 
instead an entirely free and open source system: KDE Community's Plasma 

Developed by Free Software volunteers from around the world, 
contributing their time and knowledge, Plasma Mobile is a direct descendant 
from KDE's successful Plasma desktop and offers total privacy, user control and 
the promise of truly convergent environment and applications.

We have attached a PDF with more details and full specifications.

Please get in touch if you require more details, graphic material, quotes, or 
anything else.

Kindest Regards

Paul Brown
Promotion & Communication

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