KDE Frameworks 5.70.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat May 9 12:21:43 BST 2020

09th May 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.70.0.

KDE Frameworks are 82 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  [FileWatch] Remove redundant watchIndexedFolders() slot
  [ModifiedFileIndexer] Clarify a comment
  [FileWatch] Fix watch updates on config changes
  [KInotify] Fix path matching when removing watches
  [Extractor] Use categorized logging
  Use KFileMetaData for XAttr support instead of private reimplementation
  Revert "add Baloo DBus signals for moved or removed files"
  [QML Monitor] Show remaining time as soon as possible
  [FileContentIndexer] Fix state update and signal order
  [Monitor] Fix monitor state and signal ordering
  [Extractor] Fix progress reporting
  [Coding] Avoid recurrent detach and size checks
  [baloo_file] Remove KAboutData from baloo_file
  [Searchstore] Reserve space for phrase query terms
  [SearchStore] Allow querying exact matches for non-properties
  [PhraseAndIterator] Remove temporary arrays when checking matches
  [Extractor] Better balance idle and busy mode
  [Extractor] Fix idle monitoring
  [Extractor] Remove IdleStateMonitor wrapper class
  [OrpostingIterator] Allow skipping elements, implement skipTo
  [PhraseAndIterator] Replace recursive next() implementation
  [AndPostingIterator] Replace recursive next() implementation
  [PostingIterator] Make sure skipTo also works for first element
  rename and export newBatchTime signal in filecontentindexer
  [SearchStore] Handle double values in property queries
  [AdvancedQueryParser] Move semantic handling of tokens to SearchStore
  [Inotify] Remove not-so-OptimizedByteArray
  [Inotify] Remove dead/duplicate code
  [QueryParser] Replace single-use helper with std::none_of

Breeze Icons

  Move document corner fold to top right in two icons
  Add 16px konversation icon
  correct vscode icon name
  Add 16px Vvave icon
  add alligator icon
  Add preferences-desktop-tablet and preferences-desktop-touchpad icons
  Update links in README.md
  build: quote source directory path
  Allow building from a read-only source location
  Add expand/collapse icons to accompany existing expand-all/collapse-all 
  Add auth-sim-locked and auth-sim-missing
  Add sim card device icons
  Add rotation icons
  Add 16px System Settings icon
  Change ButtonFocus to Highlight
  Improve the look of kcachegrind
  Remove border from format-border-set-* icons

Extra CMake Modules

  android: include the architecture on the apk name
  ECMAddQch: fix use of quotation marks with PREDEFINED in doxygen config
  Adapt FindKF5 to stricter checks in newer find_package_handle_standard_args
  ECMAddQch: help doxygen to handle Q_DECLARE_FLAGS, so such types get docs
  Fix wayland scanner warnings
  ECM: attempt to fix KDEInstallDirsTest.relative_or_absolute on Windows

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Fix missing whitespace after "Platform(s):" on front page
  Fix use of quotation marks for PREDEFINED entries in Doxygile.global
  Teach doxygen about Q_DECL_EQ_DEFAULT & Q_DECL_EQ_DELETE
  Add drawer on mobile and clean code
  Teach doxygen about Q_DECLARE_FLAGS, so such types can be documented
  Port to Aether Bootstrap 4
  Redo api.kde.org to look more like Aether


  Always create actioncollection
  [KBookMarksMenu] Set objectName for newBookmarkFolderAction


  KSettings::Dialog: add support for KPluginInfos without a KService
  Small optimization: call kcmServices() only once
  Downgrade warning about old-style KCM to qDebug, until KF6
  Use ecm_setup_qtplugin_macro_names


  kconfig_compiler : generate kconfig settings with subgroup
  Fix some compiler warnings
  Add force save behavior to KEntryMap
  Add standard shortcut for "Show/Hide Hidden Files" (bug 262551)


  Align description in metainfo.yaml with the one of README.md


  API dox: use ulong typedef with Q_PROPERTY(percent) to avoid doxygen bug
  API dox: document Q_DECLARE_FLAGS-based flags
  Mark ancient KLibFactory typedef as deprecated
  [KJobUiDelegate] Add AutoHandlingEnabled flag


  Drop klauncher usage from KCrash


  Properly name the content of the kcmcontrols project
  Tweak kcmcontrols docs
  Add startCapture method
  [KeySequenceHelper] Work around Meta modifier behavior
  Also relase the window in the destructor


  Port KToolInvocation::kdeinitExecWait to QProcess
  Drop delayed second phase

KHolidays #

  Nicaragua Holidays
  Taiwanese holidays
  Updated Romanian holidays


  KI18N_WRAP_UI macro: set SKIP_AUTOUIC property on ui file and gen. header


  Add note about porting loadMimeTypeIcon


  Add support for modern Gimp images/XCF files


  [RenameDialog] Add an arrow indicating direction from src to dest (bug 
  KIO_SILENT Adjust API docs to match reality
  Move handling of untrusted programs to ApplicationLauncherJob
  Move check for invalid service from KDesktopFileActions to 
  Detect executables without +x permission in $PATH to improve error message 
(bug 415567)
  Make the HTML file template more useful (bug 419935)
  Add JobUiDelegate constructor with AutoErrorHandling flag and window
  Fix cache directory calculation when adding to trash
  File protocol: ensure KIO::StatAcl works without implicitely depending on 
  Add KIO::StatRecursiveSize detail value so kio_trash only does this on 
  CopyJob: when stat'ing the dest, use StatBasic
  [KFileBookMarkHandler] Port to new KBookmarkMenu-5.69
  Mark KStatusBarOfflineIndicator as deprecated
  Replace KLocalSocket with QLocalSocket
  Avoid crash in release mode after the warning about unexpected child items 
(bug 390288)
  Docu: remove mention of non-existing signal
  [renamedialog] Replace KIconLoader usage with QIcon::fromTheme
  kio_trash: Add size, modification, access and create date for trash:/ (bug 
  [KDirOperator] Use new "Show/Hide Hidden Files" standard shortcut (bug 
  Show previews on encrypted filesystems (bug 411919)
  [KPropertiesDialog] Disable changing remote dir icons (bug 205954)
  [KPropertiesDialog] Fix QLayout warning
  API dox: document more of the default property values of KUrlRequester
  Fix DirectorySizeJob so it doesn't depend on listing order
  KRun: fix assert when failing to start an application


  Introduce Theme::smallFont
  Make BasicListItem more useful by giving it a subtitle property
  Less segfaulty PageRouterAttached
  PageRouter: find parents of items better
  Remove unused QtConcurrent from colorutils
  PlaceholderMessage: Remove Plasma units usage
  Allow PlaceholderMessage to be text-less
  vertically center sheets if theiy don't have a scrollbar (bug 419804)
  Account for top and bottom margin in default card height
  Various fixes to new Cards (bug 420406)
  Icon: improve icon rendering on multi-screen multi-dpi setups
  Fix error in PlaceholderMessage: actions are disabled, not hidden
  Introduce PlaceholderMessage component
  Hotfix: fix bad typing in FormLayout array functions
  Hotfix for SwipeListItem: use Array.prototype.*.call
  Hotfix: use Array.prototype.some.call in ContextDrawer
  Hotfix for D28666: use Array.prototype.*.call instead of invoking functions 
on 'list' objects
  Add missing m_sourceChanged variable
  Use ShadowedRectangle for Card backgrounds (bug 415526)
  Update the visiblity check for ActionToolbar by checking width with 
  Couple of 'trivial' fixes for broken code
  never close when the click is inside the sheet contents (bug 419691)
  sheet must be under other popups (bug 419930)
  Add PageRouter component
  Add ColorUtils
  Allow setting separate corner radii for ShadowedRectangle
  Remove the STATIC_LIBRARY option to fix static builds


  Add KDialogJobUiDelegate(KJobUiDelegate::Flags) constructor


  Implement UString operator= to make gcc happy
  Silence compiler warning about copy of non-trivial data


  KNewStuff: Fix file path and process call (bug 420312)
  KNewStuff: port from KRun::runApplication to KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob
  Replace Vokoscreen with VokoscreenNG (bug 416460)
  Introduce more user-visible error reporting for installations (bug 418466)


  Implement updating of notifications on Android
  Handle multi-line and rich-text notifications on Android
  Add KNotificationJobUiDelegate(KJobUiDelegate::Flags) constructor
  [KNotificationJobUiDelegate] Append "Failed" for error messages


  Consistently use knotify-config.h to pass in flags about Canberra/Phonon


  Add StatusBarExtension(KParts::Part *) overloaded constructor


  Port foreach (deprecated) to range for


  DBus Runner: Add service property to request actions once (bug 420311))
  Print a warning if runner is incompatible with KRunner


  Deprecate KPluginInfo::service(), since the constructor with a KService is 


  fix drag'n'drop on left side border widget (bug 420048)
  Store and fetch complete view config in and from session config
  Revert premature port to unreleased Qt 5.15 which changed meanwhile


  [NestedListHelper] Fix indentation of selection, add tests
  [NestedListHelper] Improve indentation code
  [KRichTextEdit] Make sure headings don't mess with undo stack
  [KRichTextEdit] Fix scroll jumping around when horizontal rule is added (bug 
  [KRichTextWidget] Remove ancient workaround and fix regression (commit 
  [KRichTextWidget] Add support for headings
  [KRichTextEdit] Always treat key press as single modification in undo stack 
(bug 256001)
  [findreplace] Handle searching for WholeWordsOnly in Regex mode


  Add imperial gallon and US pint (bug 341072)
  Add Icelandic Krona to currencies


  [Wayland] Add to PlasmaWindowManagement protocol windows stacking order
  [server] Add some sub-surface life cycle signals


  [KFontChooser] Remove NoFixedCheckBox DisplayFlag, redundant
  [KFontChooser] Add new DisplayFlag; modify how flags are used
  [KFontChooser] Make styleIdentifier() more precise by adding font styleName 
(bug 420287)
  [KFontRequester] Port from QFontDialog to KFontChooserDialog
  [KMimeTypeChooser] Add the ability to filter the treeview with a QSFPM (bug 
  [KFontChooser] Make the code slightly more readable
  [KFontChooser] Add a checkbox to toggle showing only monospaced fonts
  Remove not necessary include


  Print meaningful warning when there is no QGuiApplication


  [KRichTextEditor] Add support for headings
  [KKeySequenceWidget] Work around Meta modifier behavior


  Replace foreach with range-for

Plasma Framework

  [PlasmaCore.IconItem] Regression: fix crash on source change (bug 420801)
  [PlasmaCore.IconItem] Refactor source handling for different types
  Make applet tooltip text spacing consistent
  [ExpandableListItem] make it touch-friendly
  [ExpandableListItem] Use more semantically correct expand and collapse icons
  Fix PC3 BusyIndicator binding loop
  [ExpandableListItem] Add new showDefaultActionButtonWhenBusy option
  Remove rounded borders to plasmoidHeading
  [ExpandableListItem] Add itemCollapsed signal and don't emit itemExpanded 
when collapsed
  Add readmes clarifying state of plasma component versions
  [configview] Simplify code / workaround Qt5.15 crash
  Create ExpandableListItem
  Make animation durations consistent with Kirigami values


  Detect QQC2 version at build time with actual detection
  [ComboBox] Use transparent dimmer


  [Solid] Port foreach to range/index for
  [FakeCdrom] Add a new UnknownMediumType enumerator to MediumType
  [FstabWatcher] Fix loosing of fstab watcher
  [Fstab] Do not emit deviceAdded twice on fstab/mtab changes

Syntax Highlighting

  debchangelog: add Groovy Gorilla
  Update Logtalk language syntax support
  TypeScript: add the "awaited" type operator

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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