KDE Frameworks 5.68.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Mar 15 12:37:14 GMT 2020

15th March 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.68.0.

KDE Frameworks are 82 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  [ModifiedFileIndexer] Correct time checks for new files
  [ModifiedFileIndexer] Omit BasicIndexingJob run when not required
  Sync IndexerConfig on exit (bug 417127)
  [FileIndexScheduler] Force evaluation of indexerState after suspend/resume


  Fix errors in the QRegularExpression porting commit

Breeze Icons

  Add network-wireless-hotspot icon
  Move telegram panel icons to status category
  [breeze-icons] Add telegram-desktop tray icons (bug 417583)
  [breeze-icons] New 48px telegram icon
  Add rss icons in action
  Remove 48px telegram icons
  Hotfix to make sure validation is not done in parallel to generation
  New yakuake logo/icon
  Fix inconsistencies and duplicates in network-wired/wireless icons
  Fix old text color values for osd-* icons
  only install generated icons if they were generated
  escape all pathies to ensure the CI system works
  set -e on the generator script so it properly errors out on errors
  build: fix the build where install prefix is not user-writable
  hotfix new 24x generator to use bash instead of sh
  Also auto-generate 24 at 2x compatibility symlinks
  Auto-generate 24px monochrome icons
  Add icons that were only in actions/24 to actions/22
  Set document scale to 1.0 for all actions/22 icons
  Add new `smiley-add` icons
  Make shapes and shape-choose icons consistent with other -shape icons
  Make smiley-shape consistent with other -shape icons
  Make flower-shape and hexagon-shape icons consistent with other -shape icons
  Replace <use/> with <path/> in muondiscover.svg
  Add status icons: data-error, data-warning, data-information
  Add icon for org.kde.Ikona
  add vvave icon
  add puremaps icon
  Unify the look of all icons containing 🚫  (no sign)
  New icon for KTimeTracker (bug 410708)
  Optimize KTrip and KDE Itinerary icons
  update travel-family icons

Extra CMake Modules

  Support NDK r20 and Qt 5.14
  Load QM files from assets: URLs on Android
  Add ecm_qt_install_logging_categories & ecm_qt_export_logging_category
  ECMGeneratePriFile: unbreak for usages with LIB_NAME not a target name
  ECMGeneratePriFile: Fix static configurations

Framework Integration

  [KStyle] Set the color of KMessageWidgets to the correct one from the current color scheme


  Fix issue finding the Boost include directories
  Use exposed DBus methods to switch activities in CLI


  [KAuth] Add support for action details in Polkit1 backend
  [policy-gen] Fix the code to actually use the correct capture group
  Drop Policykit backend
  [polkit-1] Simplify Polkit1Backend action exists lookup
  [polkit-1] Return an error status in actionStatus if there is an error
  Calculate KAuthAction::isValid on demand


  Rename actions to be consistent


  Update visibility cache when notebook visibility is changed


  Check activeModule before using it (bug 417396)


  [KConfigGui] Clear styleName font property for Regular font sytles (bug 378523)
  Fix code generation for entries with min/max (bug 418146)
  KConfigSkeletonItem : allow to set a KconfigGroup to read and write items in nested groups
  Fix is<PropertyName>Immutable generated property
  Add setNotifyFunction to KPropertySkeletonItem
  Add an is<PropertyName>Immutable to know if a property is immutable


  Change "Redisplay" to "Refresh"


  add hint that QIcon can be used as a program logo


  Deprecate KDBusConnectionPool


  Expose capture signal on KeySequenceItem
  Fix size of the header in GridViewKCM (bug 417347)
  Allow ManagedConfigModule derived class to register explicitly KCoreConfigSkeleton
  Allow to use KPropertySkeletonItem in ManagedConfigModule


  Add a --replace option to kded5

KDE GUI Addons

  [UrlHandler] Handle opening the online docs for KCM modules
  [KColorUtils] Change getHcy() hue range to [0.0, 1.0)

KHolidays #

  Update Japanese holidays
  holiday_jp_ja - fix spelling for National Foundation Day (bug 417498)


  Support Qt 5.14 on Android


  Make kwrapper/kshell spawn klauncher5 if needed


  [KFileFilterCombo] Don't add invalid QMimeType to mimes filter (bug 417355)
  [src/kcms/*] Replace foreach (deprecated) with range/index-based for
  KIO::iconNameForUrl(): handle the case of a file/folder under trash:/
  [krun] Share implementation of runService and runApplication
  [krun] Drop KToolInvocation support from KRun::runService
  Improve KDirModel to avoid showing '+' if there are no subdirs
  Fix running konsole on Wayland (bug 408497)
  KIO::iconNameForUrl: fix searching for kde protocol icons (bug 417069)
  Correct capitalization for "basic link" item
  Change "AutoSkip" to "Skip All" (bug 416964)
  Fix memory leak in KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector::updateMenu
  file ioslave: stop copying as soon as the ioslave is killed
  [KOpenWithDialog] Automatically select the result if the model filter has only one match (bug 400725)


  Show tooltip with full URL for URL button with overridden text
  Have pullback toolbars on scrollable pages also for footers
  Fix PrivateActionToolButton behaviour with showText vs IconOnly
  Fix ActionToolBar/PrivateActionToolButton in combination with QQC2 Action
  Move checked menu item always into range
  Watch for language change events, and forward those to the QML engine
  Support Qt 5.14 on Android
  don't have overlaysheets under page header
  use fallback when icon failed to load
  Missing links to pagepool source files
  Icon: fix rendering of image: urls on High DPI (bug 417647)
  Do not crash when icon's width or height is 0 (bug 417844)
  fix margins in OverlaySheet
  [examples/simplechatapp] Always set isMenu to true
  [RFC] Reduce size of Level 1 headings and increase left padding on page titles
  properly sync size hints with state machine (bug 417351)
  Add support for static platformtheme plugins
  make headerParent correctly alignedwhen there is a scrollbar
  Fix tabbar width computation
  Add PagePoolAction to QRC file
  allow toolbar style on mobile
  Make the api docs reflect that Kirigami is not only a mobile toolkit


  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: temporarily disable assert due to QTreeView bug
  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: reset in setSourceColumns()
  Move Plasma's SortFilterProxyModel into KItemModel's QML plugin


  Expose the evaluation timeout management functions in public API


  Fix clicking thumb-only delegate (bug 418368)
  Fix scrolling on the EntryDetails page (bug 418191)
  Don't double delete CommentsModel (bug 417802)
  Cover also the qtquick plugin in the installed categories file
  Use the right translation catalog to show translations
  Fix the KNSQuick Dialog's close title and basic layout (bug 414682)


  Make kstatusnotifieritem available without dbus
  Adapt action numbering in Android to work like in KNotifications
  Write down Kai-Uwe as the knotifications maintainer
  Always strip html if server does not support it
  [android] Emit defaultActivated when tapping the notification


  fix pri file generation


  Do not print errors about invalid roles when roleName is not set
  Use offscreen platform for tests on Windows
  Remove glsl validator download from validation script
  Fix validation error in line chart shader
  Update linechart core profile shader to match compat
  Add comment about bounds checking
  LineChart: Add support for min/max y bounds checking
  Add sdf_rectangle function to sdf library
  [linechart] Guard against divide by 0
  Line charts: Reduce the number of points per segment
  Don't lose points at the end of a line chart


  Qt5::UiTools is not optional in this module


  New query mechanism for applications: KApplicationTrader


  Add an option to dynamic-break inside words
  KateModeMenuList: don't overlap the scroll bar


  Add application menu dbus paths to org_kde_plasma_window interface
  Registry: don't destroy the callback on globalsync
  [surface] Fix buffer offset when attaching buffers to surfaces


  [KMessageWidget] Allow the style to change our palette
  [KMessageWidget] Draw it with QPainter instead of using stylesheet
  Slightly reduce level 1 heading size


  Drop qmake pri file generation & installation, currently broken


  Support SAE in securityTypeFromConnectionSetting
  Drop qmake pri file generation & installation, currently broken

Oxygen Icons

  Support data-error/warning/information also in 32,46,64,128 sizes
  Add "plugins" action item, to match Breeze icons
  Add status icons: data-error, data-warning, data-information

Plasma Framework

  Buttons: allow to scale up icons
  Try to apply the colorscheme of the current theme to QIcons (bug 417780)
  Dialog: disconnect from QWindow signals in destructor
  Fix memory leak in ConfigView and Dialog
  fix layout size hints for button labels
  make sure the size hints are integer and even
  support icon.width/height (bug 417514)
  Remove hardcoded colors (bug 417511)
  Construct NullEngine with KPluginMetaData() (bug 417548)
  Slightly reduce level 1 heading size
  Vertically center tooltip icon/image
  support display property for Buttons
  Don't warn for invalid plugin metata (bug 412464)
  tooltips always have normal colorgroup
  [Tests]Make radiobutton3.qml use PC3
  Optimize code when dropping files into the desktop (bug 415917)


  Fix pri file to not fail with CamelCase includes
  Fix pri file to have qmake name of QtGui as dependency


  Rewrite nextcloud plugin
  Kill twitter support


  ScrollView: Use scrollbar height as bottom padding, not width


  Fix inverted logic in IOKitStorage::isRemovable


  Fix segfault at exit

Syntax Highlighting

  Fix out-of-memory due to too large context stacks
  [PATCH] General update for CartoCSS syntax highlighting
  Add syntax highlighting for Java Properties
  TypeScript: add private fields and type-only imports/exports, and some fixes
  Add FreeCAD FCMacro extension to the python highlighting definition
  Updates for CMake 3.17
  C++: constinit keyword and std::format syntax for strings. Improvement printf format
  RPM spec: various improvements
  Makefile highlight: fix variable names in "else" conditionals (bug 417379)
  Add syntax highlighting for Solidity
  Small improvements in some XML files
  Makefile highlight: add substitutions (bug 416685)

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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