KDE Frameworks 5.71.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jun 13 13:45:59 BST 2020

13th June 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.71.0.

KDE Frameworks are 82 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Store filename terms just once

Breeze Icons

  Improve accuracy of battery percentage icons
  Fix KML mimetype icon
  Change mouse icon to have better dark theme contrast (bug 406453)
  Require in-source build (bug 421637)
  Add 48px places icons (bug 421144)
  Adds a missing LibreOffice icon shortcut

Extra CMake Modules

  [android] Use newer Qt version in example
  [android] Allow specifying APK install location
  ECMGenerateExportHeader: add generation of *_DEPRECATED_VERSION_BELATED()
  ECMGeneratePriFile: fix for ECM_MKSPECS_INSTALL_DIR being absolute
  ECMGeneratePriFile: make the pri files relocatable
  Suppress find_package_handle_standard_args package name mismatch warning

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Use logo.png file as logo as default, if present
  Change public_example_dir to public_example_dirs, to enable multiple dirs
  Drop code for Python2 support
  Adapt links to repo to invent.kde.org
  Fix link to kde.org impressum
  History pages of KDE4 got merged into general history page
  Unbreak generation with dep diagrams with Python 3 (break Py2)
  Export metalist to json file


  Use ECMGenerateExportHeader to manage deprecated API better


  Use UI marker context in more tr() calls
  [KBookmarkMenu] Assign m_actionCollection early to prevent crash (bug 420820)


  Add X-KDE-KCM-Args as property, read property in module loader
  Fix crash when loading an external app KCM like yast (bug 421566)
  KSettings::Dialog: avoid duplicate entries due cascading $XDG_DATA_DIRS


  Wrap also API dox with KCOMPLETION_ENABLE_DEPRECATED_SINCE; use per method
  Use UI marker context in more tr() calls


  Don't try to initalize deprecated SaveOptions enum value
  Add KStandardShortcut::findByName(const QString&) and deprecate find(const char*)
  Fix KStandardShortcut::find(const char*)
  Adjust name of internally-exported method as suggested in D29347
  KAuthorized: export method to reload restrictions


  [KColorScheme] Remove duplicated code
  Make Header colors fallback to Window colors first
  Introduce the Header color set


  Fix Bug 422291 - Preview of XMPP URI's in KMail (bug 422291)


  Don't invoke qstring localized stuff in critical section


  Create kcmshell.openSystemSettings() and kcmshell.openInfoCenter() functions
  Port KKeySequenceItem to QQC2
  Pixel align children of GridViewInternal


  Fix blurry icons in titlebar appmenu by adding UseHighDpiPixmaps flag
  Add systemd user service file for kded


  [TaglibExtractor] Add support for Audible "Enhanced Audio" audio books
  honor the extractMetaData flag


  Fix bug with components containing special characters (bug 407139)

KHolidays #

  Update Taiwanese holidays
  holidayregion.cpp - provide translatable strings for the German regions
  holidays_de-foo - set name field for all German holiday files
  holiday-de-<foo> - where foo is a region is Germany
  Add holiday file for DE-BE (Germany/Berlin)


  Add some sanity and bounds checking


  Introduce KIO::OpenUrlJob, a rewrite and replacement for KRun
  KRun: deprecate all static 'run*' methods, with full porting instructions
  KDesktopFileActions: deprecate run/runWithStartup, use OpenUrlJob instead
  Look for kded as runtime dependency
  [kio_http] Parse a FullyEncoded QUrl path with TolerantMode (bug 386406)
  [DelegateAnimationHanlder] Replace deprecated QLinkedList with QList
  RenameDialog: Warn when file sizes are not the same (bug 421557)
  [KSambaShare] Check that both smbd and testparm are available (bug 341263)
  Places: Use Solid::Device::DisplayName for DisplayRole (bug 415281)
  KDirModel: fix hasChildren() regression for trees with files shown (bug 419434)
  file_unix.cpp: when ::rename is used as condition compare its return to -1
  [KNewFileMenu] Allow creating a dir named '~' (bug 377978)
  [HostInfo] Set QHostInfo::HostNotFound when a host isn't found in the DNS cache (bug 421878)
  [DeleteJob] Report final numbers after finishing (bug 421914)
  KFileItem: localize timeString (bug 405282)
  [StatJob] Make mostLocalUrl ignore remote (ftp, http...etc) URLs (bug 420985)
  [KUrlNavigatorPlacesSelector] only update once the menu on changes (bug 393977)
  [KProcessRunner] Use only executable name for scope
  [knewfilemenu] Show inline warning when creating items with leading or trailing spaces (bug 421075)
  [KNewFileMenu] Remove redundant slot parameter
  ApplicationLauncherJob: show the Open With dialog if no service was passed
  Make sure the program exists and is executable before we inject kioexec/kdesu/etc
  Fix URL being passed as argument when launching a .desktop file (bug 421364)
  [kio_file] Handle renaming file 'A' to 'a' on FAT32 filesystems
  [CopyJob] Check if destination dir is a symlink (bug 421213)
  Fix service file specifying 'Run in terminal' giving an error code 100 (bug 421374)
  kio_trash: add support for renaming directories in the cache
  Warn if info.keepPassword isn't set
  [CopyJob] Check free space for remote urls before copying and other improvements (bug 418443)
  [kcm trash] Change kcm trash size percent to 2 decimal places
  [CopyJob] Get rid of an old TODO and use QFile::rename()
  [LauncherJobs] Emit description


  Add section headers in sidebar when all the actions are expandibles
  fix: Padding in overlay sheet header
  Use a better default color for Global Drawer when used as Sidebar
  Fix inaccurate comment about how GridUnit is determined
  More reliable parent tree climbing for PageRouter::pushFromObject
  PlaceholderMessage depends on Qt 5.13 even if CMakeLists.txt requires 5.12
  introduce the Header group
  Don't play close animation on close() if sheet is already closed
  Add SwipeNavigator component
  Introduce Avatar component
  Fix the shaders resource initialisation for static builds
  AboutPage: Add tooltips
  Ensure closestToWhite and closestToBlack
  AboutPage: Add buttons for email, webAddress
  Always use Window colorset for AbstractApplicationHeader (bug 421573)
  Introduce ImageColors
  Recommend better width calculation for PlaceholderMessage
  Improve PageRouter API
  Use small font for BasicListItem subtitle
  Add support for layers to PagePoolAction
  Introduce RouterWindow control


  Use UI marker context in more tr() calls


  Don't duplicate error messages in a passive notification (bug 421425)
  Fix incorrect colours in the KNS Quick messagebox (bug 421270)
  Do not mark entry as uninstalled if uninstallation script failed (bug 420312)
  KNS: Deprecate isRemote method and handle parse error properly
  KNS: Do not mark entry as installed if install script failed
  Fix showing updates when the option is selected (bug 416762)
  Fix update auto selection (bug 419959)
  Add KPackage support to KNewStuffCore (bug 418466)


  Implement lock-screen visibility control on Android
  Implement notification grouping on Android
  Display rich text notification messages on Android
  Implement urls using hints
  Use UI marker context in more tr() calls
  Implement support for notification urgency on Android
  Remove checks for notification service and fallback to KPassivePopup


  Simpler background rounding check
  PieChart: Render a torus segment as background when it isn't a full circle
  PieChart: Add a helper function that takes care of rounding torus segments
  PieChart: Expose fromAngle/toAngle to shader
  Always render the background of the pie chart
  Always set background color, even when toAngle != 360
  Allow start/end to be at least 2pi away from each other
  Rework PieChart implementation
  Fixup and comment sdf_torus_segment sdf function
  Don't explicitly specify smoothing amount when rendering sdfs
  Workaround lack of array function parameters in GLES2 shaders
  Handle differences between core and legacy profiles in line/pie shaders
  Fix a few validation errors
  Update the shader validation script with the new structure
  Add a separate header for GLES3 shaders
  Remove duplicate shaders for core profile, instead use preprocessor
  expose both name and shortName
  support different long/short labels (bug 421578)
  guard model behind a QPointer
  Add MapProxySource


  Do not persist runner whitelist to config
  KRunner fix prepare/teardown signals (bug 420311)
  Detect local files and folders starting with ~


  Add X-KDE-DBUS-Restricted-Interfaces to Application desktop entry fields
  Add missing compiler deprecation tag for 5-args KServiceAction constructor


  Add .diff to the file-changed-diff to enable mime detection on windows
  scrollbar minimap: performance: delay update for inactive documents
  Make text always align with font base line
  Revert "Store and fetch complete view config in and from session config"
  Fix modified line marker in kate minimap


  Be noisy about deprecated KPageWidgetItem::setHeader(empty-non-null string)


  [KMainWindow] Invoke QIcon::setFallbackThemeName (later) (bug 402172)


  Mark KXmlRpcClient as porting aid

Plasma Framework

  PC3: Add separator to toolbar
  support the Header color grgoup
  Implement scroll and drag adjustment of values for SpinBox control
  Use font: instead of font.pointSize: where possible
  kirigamiplasmastyle: Add AbstractApplicationHeader implementation
  Avoid potential disconnect of all signals in IconItem (bug 421170)
  Use small font for ExpandableListItem subtitle
  Add smallFont to Kirigami plasma style
  [Plasmoid Heading] Draw the heading only when there is an SVG in the theme


  Add ToolSeparator styling
  Remove "pressed" from CheckIndicator "on" state (bug 421695)
  Support the Header group
  Implement smallFont in Kirigami plugin


  Add a QString Solid::Device::displayName, used in Fstab Device for network mounts (bug 415281)


  Allow overriding to disable auto language detection (bug 394347)

Syntax Highlighting

  Update Raku extensions in Markdown blocks
  Raku: fix fenced code blocks in Markdown
  Assign "Identifier" attribute to opening double quote instead of "Comment" (bug 421445)
  Bash: fix comments after escapes (bug 418876)
  LaTeX: fix folding in \end{...} and in regions markers BEGIN-END (bug 419125)

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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