KDE Frameworks 5.72.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jul 11 14:11:28 BST 2020

11th July 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.72.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see

KDAV : New Module

DAV protocol implementation with KJobs.

 Calendars and todos are supported, using either GroupDAV
 or CalDAV, and contacts are supported using GroupDAV or


  [Indexers] Ignore name-based mimetype for initial indexing decisions (bug 422085)


  Expose the service advertisement data of a device

Breeze Icons

  Fixed three 16px icons for application-x-... to be more pixel-perfect (bug 423727)
  Add support for >200% scale for icons which should stay monochrome
  Cut out center of window-close-symbolic
  cervisia app and action icon update
  Add README section about the webfont
  Use grunt-webfonts instead of grunt-webfont and disable generation for symbolic linked icons
  add kup icon from kup repo

Extra CMake Modules

  Remove support for png2ico
  Deal with Qt's CMake code modifying CMAKE_SHARED_LIBRARY_SUFFIX
  Add FindTaglib find module

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Support "repo_id" in metainfo.yaml to override guessed repo name


  Check for write error in save() if the disk is full (bug 370708)
  Correct icon names for recurring to-dos
  Fix serialization of recurring to-do's start date (bug 345565)


  Fix changed signal for plugin selector


  Add some \n otherwise text can be very big in messagebox


  Also pass locationType to KConfigSkeleton when construction from group
  Make "Switch Application Language..." text more consistent


  Make "Switch Application Language..." text more consistent


  KRandom::random -> QRandomGenerator::global()
  Deprecate KRandom::random


  Add missing declaration of environ, otherwise available only on GNU


  Use consistent style for FDL notice (bug 423211)


  Adapt kfilemetadata to "audio/x-speex+ogg" as recently changed in shared-mime-info


  Also add quotes around rich text <filename> tagged text


  Drop assignment in resetPalette
  Return QPalette() if we have no custom palette
  Respect QIcon::fallbackSearchpaths() (bug 405522)


  [kcookiejar] Fix reading "Accept For Session" cookie setting (bug 386325)
  KDirModel: fix hasChildren() regression for trees with hidden files, symlinks, pipes and character devices (bug 419434)
  OpenUrlJob: fix support for shell scripts with a space in the filename (bug 423645)
  Add webshortcut for DeepL and ArchWiki
  [KFilePlacesModel] Show AFC (Apple File Conduit) devices
  Also encode space characters for webshortcut URLs (bug 423255)
  [KDirOperator] Actually enable dirHighlighting by default
  [KDirOperator] Highlight the previous dir when going back/up (bug 422748)
  [Trash] Handle ENOENT error when renaming files (bug 419069)
  File ioslave: set nano sec timestamp when copying (bug 411537)
  Adjust URLs for Qwant searchproviders (bug 423156)
  File ioslave: Add support for reflink copying (bug 326880)
  Fix setting of default shortcut in webshortcuts KCM (bug 423154)
  Ensure readability of webshortcuts KCM by setting minimum width (bug 423153)
  FileSystemFreeSpaceJob: emit error if the kioslave didn't provide the metadata
  [Trash] Remove trashinfo files referencing files/dirs that don't exist (bug 422189)
  kio_http: Guess the mime-type ourselves if server returns application/octet-stream
  Deprecate totalFiles and totalDirs signals, not emitted
  Fix reloading of new web shortcuts (bug 391243)
  kio_http: Fix status of rename with overwriting enabled
  Do not interpret name as hidden file or file path (bug 407944)
  Do not display deleted/hidden webshortcuts (bug 412774)
  Fix crash when deleting entry (bug 412774)
  Do not allow to assign existing shortcuts
  [kdiroperator] Use better tooltips for back and forward actions (bug 422753)
  [BatchRenameJob] Use KJob::Items when reporting the progress info (bug 422098)


  [aboutpage] Use OverlaySheet for license text
  fix collapsed mode icons
  Use light separators for DefaultListItemBackground
  Add weight property to Separator
  [overlaysheet] Avoid fractional height for contentLayout (bug 422965)
  Fix pageStack.layers docs
  Reintroduce layer support to Page.isCurrentPage
  support icon color
  use the internal component MnemonicLabel
  Reduce global toolbar left padding when title is not used
  Only set implicit{Width,Height} for Separator
  Update KF5Kirigami2Macros.cmake to use https with git repo in order to avoid error when trying to access
  Fix: avatar loading
  Make PageRouterAttached#router WRITE-able
  Fix OverlaySheet closing when clicking inside layout (bug 421848)
  Add missing id to GlobalDrawerActionItem in GlobalDrawer
  Fix OverlaySheet being too tall
  Fix PlaceholderMessage code example
  render border at the bottom of groups
  use an LSH component
  Add background to headers
  Better collapsing handling
  Better presentation for list header items
  Add bold property to BasicListItem
  Fix Kirigami.Units.devicePixelRatio=1.3 when it should be 1.0 at 96dpi
  Hide OverlayDrawer handle when not interactive
  Adjust ActionToolbarLayoutDetails calculations to make better use of screen real estate
  ContextDrawerActionItem: Prefer text property over tooltip


  Integrate the KJob::Unit::Items (bug 422098)


  Fix crash when using KJSContext::interpreter


  Move explanatory text from sheet header to list header
  Fix paths for install script and uncompression
  Hide the ShadowRectangle for non-loaded previews (bug 422048)
  Don't allow content to overflow in the grid delegates (bug 422476)


  Don't use notifybysnore.h on MSYS2


  Deprecate PartSelectEvent and co


  Elide value Label of LegendDelegate when there isn't enough width
  Fix for error "C1059: non constant expression ..."
  Account for line width when bounds checking
  Don't use fwidth when rendering line chart lines
  Rewrite removeValueSource so it doesn't use destroyed QObjects
  Use insertValueSource in Chart::appendSource
  Properly initialise ModelHistorySource::{m_row,m_maximumHistory}


  Fix RunnerContextTest to not assume presence of .bashrc
  Use embedded JSON metadata for binary plugins & custom for D-Bus plugins
  Emit queryFinished when all jobs for current query have finished (bug 422579)


  Make "goto line" work backwards (bug 411165)
  fix crash on view deletion if ranges are still alive (bug 422546)

KWallet Framework

  Introduce three new methods that return all "entries" in a folder


  Fix KTimeComboBox for locales with unusual characters in formats (bug 420468)
  KPageView: remove invisible pixmap on right side of header
  KTitleWidget: move from QPixmap property to QIcon property
  Deprecate some KMultiTabBarButton/KMultiTabBarTab API using QPixmap
  KMultiTabBarTab: make styleoption state logic follow QToolButton even more
  KMultiTabBar: do not display checked buttons in QStyle::State_Sunken
  [KCharSelect] Initially give focus to the search lineedit


  [xcb] Send correctly scaled icon geometry (bug 407458)


  Use kcm_users instead of user_manager
  Use new KTitleWidget::icon/iconSize API
  Move "Switch Application Language" to Settings menu (bug 177856)

Plasma Framework

  Show clearer warning if the requested KCM could not be found
  [spinbox] Don't use QQC2 items when we should use PlasmaComponents (bug 423445)
  Plasma components: restore lost color control of TabButton label
  Introduce PlaceholderMessage
  [calendar] Reduce month label's size
  [ExpandableListItem] Use same logic for action and arrow button visibility
  [Dialog Shadows] Port to KWindowSystem shadows API (bug 416640)
  Symlink widgets/plasmoidheading.svgz in breeze light/dark
  Fix Kirigami.Units.devicePixelRatio=1.3 when it should be 1.0 at 96dpi
  Add property to access the ExpandableListItem loader's item


  Deprecate AbstractBarcode::minimumSize() also for the compiler


  Explicitly use Kirigami units instead of implicitly using Plasma units
  Port job dialogs to Kirigami.PlaceholderMessage


  Set selectByMouse to true for SpinBox
  Fix menu icons becoming blurry with some font sizes (bug 423236)
  Prevent delegates and scrollbar overlapping in combobox popups
  Fix Slider vertical implicitWidth and a binding loop
  Make ToolTips more consistent with Breeze widget style tooltips
  Set editable to true by default for SpinBox
  Fix Connections warnings in Menu.qml


  Enable UDisks2 backend on FreeBSD unconditionally


  Fix "Using QCharRef with an index pointing outside the valid range of a QString"
  Restore default auto-detect behavior
  Fix default language (bug 398245)


  Fix a couple BSD-2-Clause license headers

Syntax Highlighting

  CMake: Updates for CMake 3.18
  Add Snort/Suricata language highlighting
  Add YARA language
  remove deprecated binary json in favor of cbor
  JavaScript/TypeScript: highlight tags in templates

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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