KDE Frameworks 5.67.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Feb 9 10:53:36 GMT 2020

09th February 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.67.0.

KDE Frameworks are 82 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Port away from many Qt 5.15 deprecated methods, this reduces the number of warnings during the build.


  Migrate config from KConfig to KConfigXt in order to allow KCM to use it

Breeze Icons

  create Breeze style Kate icon based on new design by Tyson Tan
  Change VLC icon to be more like official VLC icons
  add ktrip icon from ktrip repo
  Add icon for application/sql
  Cleanup and add 22px media repeat icons
  Add icon for text/vnd.kde.kcrash-report
  Turn application/x-ms-shortcut into an actual shortcut icon

Extra CMake Modules

  Add missing Import Env Variable
  ECMAddAppIcon: Add sc in regex to extract extension from valid names
  ECMAddQch: support & document K_DOXYGEN macro usage

Framework Integration

  Drop unused dependency QtDBus


  Fix broken SQL query in allResourcesQuery


  Remove files that Windows cannot handle
  Ensure to store resource uri without a trailing slash

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Unbreak module imports for Python2
  Hardcode utf-8 as filesystem encoding with Python2 to help api.kde.org


  prefer the new kcm plugins to the old
  KCModuleQml: Ensure defaulted is emitted with the current configModule->representsDefaults on load
  Show button respecting what is declared by KCModule
  Update KPluginSelector to allow KCM to show good state for reset, apply and default button


  Refactor KConfigXT
  Fix python bindings build after ebd14f29f8052ff5119bf97b42e61f404f223615
  KCONFIG_ADD_KCFG_FILES: regenerate also on new version of kconfig_compiler
  Allow to also pass a target instead of list of sources to KCONFIG_ADD_KCFG_FILES
  Add KSharedConfig::openStateConfig for storing state information
  Fix Python bindings compilation after 7ab8275bdb56882692846d046a5bbeca5795b009


  KStandardAction: add method for SwitchApplicationLanguage action creation
  [KColorSchemeManager] Don't list duplicates
  [KColorschemeManager] Add option to reenable following global theme


  demote plugin load errors from warning to debug level + reword
  Document how to filter by servicetype the right way
  Add perlSplit() overload taking a QRegularExpression and deprecate the QRegExp one
  Add mime type for backtraces saved from DrKonqi
  Add utility text function KShell::tildeCollapse
  KPluginMetaData: add initialPreference() getter
  desktoptojson: also convert InitialPreference key


  Correctly compute bottom margin for grid delegates with subtitles
  [ConfigModule] Say which package is invalid

KHolidays #

  Update holidays and add flagdays and namedays for Sweden


  ki18n_wrap_ui: error when file doesn't exist
  [Kuit] Revert changes in parseUiMarker()


  Add missing renamed event when a destination file already existed
  KFilePlacesModel: On new profile in recent show only recentlyused:/ based entries by default
  Add KFileCustomDialog constructor with a startDir parameter
  Fix QRegularExpression::wildcardToRegularExpression() usage
  Allow to handle apps with Terminal=True in their desktop file, handle their associated mimetype properly (bug 410506)
  KOpenWithDialog: Allow to return a newly created KService created associated to a mimetype
  Add KIO::DropJobFlag to allow manually showing the menu (bug 415917)
  [KOpenWithDialog] Hide collapsible group box when all options inside are hidden (bug 415510)
  Revert effective removal of KUrlPixmapProvider from API
  SlaveBase::dispatchLoop: Fix timeout calculation (bug 392768)
  [KDirOperator] Allow renaming files from the context menu (bug 189482)
  Upstream Dolphin's file rename dialog (bug 189482)
  KFilePlaceEditDialog: move logic into isIconEditable()


  Clip the flickable parent item (bug 416877)
  Remove header top margin from private ScrollView
  proper size hint for the gridlayout (bug 416860)
  use attached property for isCurrentPage
  Get rid of a couple of warnings
  try to keep the cursor in window when typing in an OverlaySheet
  properly expand fillWidth items in mobile mode
  Add active, link, visited, negative, neutral and positive background colors
  Expose ActionToolBar's overflow button icon name
  Use QQC2 Page as base for Kirigami Page
  Specify where the code is coming from as the URL
  Don't anchor AbstractApplicationHeader blindly
  emit pooled after the properties have been reassigned
  add reused and pooled signals like TableView


  Abort machine run once a timeout signal has been seen
  Support ** exponentiation operator from ECMAScript 2016
  Added shouldExcept() function that works based on a function


  Unbreak the KNSQuick::Engine::changedEntries functionality


  Add new signal for default action activation
  Drop dependency to KF5Codecs by using the new stripRichText function
  Strip richtext on Windows
  Adapt to Qt 5.14 Android changes
  Deprecate raiseWidget
  Port KNotification from KWindowSystem


  Adjust metainfo.yaml to new tier
  Remove legacy plugin loading code


  Fix Qt version check
  Register QAbstractItemModel as anonymous type for property assignments
  Hide the line of a line chart if its width is set to 0


  addHelpOption already adds by kaboutdata


  Support multiple values in XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP
  Deprecate allowAsDefault
  Make "Default Applications" in mimeapps.list the preferred applications (bug 403499)


  Revert "improve word completion to use highlighting to detect word boundaries" (bug 412502)
  import final breeze icon
  Message-related methods: Use more member-function-pointer-based connect
  DocumentPrivate::postMessage: avoid multiple hash lookups
  fix Drag&copy function (by using Ctrl Key) (bug 413848)
  ensure we have a quadratic icon
  set proper Kate icon in about dialog for KatePart
  inline notes: correctly set underMouse() for inline notes
  avoid use of old mascot ATM
  Variable expansion: Add variable PercentEncoded (bug 416509)
  Fix crash in variable expansion (used by external tools)
  KateMessageWidget: remove unused event filter installation


  Drop KWindowSystem dependency

KWallet Framework

  Revert readEntryList() to use QRegExp::Wildcard
  Fix QRegularExpression::wildcardToRegularExpression() usage


  [KMessageWidget] Subtract the correct margin
  [KMessageBox] Only allow selecting text in the dialog box using the mouse (bug 416204)
  [KMessageWidget] Use devicePixelRatioF for animation pixmap (bug 415528)


  [KWindowShadows] Check for X connection
  Introduce shadows API
  Deprecate KWindowEffects::markAsDashboard()


  Use KStandardAction convenience method for switchApplicationLanguage
  Allow programLogo property to be a QIcon, too
  Remove ability to report bugs against arbitrary stuff from a static list
  Remove compiler information from bug report dialog
  KMainWindow: fix autoSaveSettings to catch QDockWidgets being shown again
  i18n: Add more semantic context strings
  i18n: Split translations for strings "Translation"

Plasma Framework

  Fixed tooltip corners and removed useless color attributes
  Removed hardcoded colors in background SVGs
  Fix the size and pixel alignment of checkboxes and radiobuttons
  Update breeze theme shadows
  [Plasma Quick] Add WaylandIntegration class
  Same behavior for scrollbar as the desktop style
  Make use of KPluginMetaData where we can
  Add edit mode menu item to desktop widget context menu
  Consistency: colored selected buttons
  Port endl to \n Not necessary to flush as QTextStream uses QFile which flush when it's deleted


  Fix QRegularExpression::wildcardToRegularExpression() usage


  Remove scrollbar related workarounds from list delegates
  [TabBar] Remove frame
  Add active, link, visited, negative, neutral and positive background colors
  use hasTransientTouchInput
  always round x and y
  support mobile mode scrollbar
  ScrollView: Do not overlay scrollbars over contents


  Add signals for udev events with actions bind and unbind
  Clarify referencing of DeviceInterface (bug 414200)

Syntax Highlighting

  Updates nasm.xml with the latest instructions
  Perl: Add 'say' to keyword list
  cmake: Fix `CMAKE_POLICY_*_CMP<N>` regex and add special args to `get_cmake_property`
  Add GraphQL highlighting definition

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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