KDE Frameworks 5.73.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Aug 8 11:06:58 BST 2020

08th August 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.73.0.

KDE Frameworks are 83 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see

Breeze Icons

  center 16px help-about and help-whatsthis
  Add kirigami-gallery icon
  Add Kontrast icon
  Add applications/pkcs12 mime type icon
  Make breeze-dark audio-volume icons match breeze
  Make microphone style more consistent with other audio icons and pixel aligned
  Use 35% opacity for faded waves in audio-volume icons and make mute waves faded
  Make audio-off and audio-volume-muted the same
  Add snap-angle icon
  Fix 22px application-x-ms-shortcut linking to a 16px icon
  Fix inconsistencies in mimetype icons between light/dark versions
  Fix invisible light/dark differences in vscode and wayland icons
  Add document-replace icon (Like for Overwrite action)
  Add template for making python scripts that edit SVGs
  Add SMART status icon (bug 423997)
  Add "task-recurring" and "appointment-recurring" icons (bug 397996)

Extra CMake Modules

  Add ecm_generate_dbus_service_file
  Add ecm_install_configured_file
  Export Wayland_DATADIR


  Ignore BoostConfig.cmake if present (bug 424799)


  Support highlight indicator for QWidget and QtQuick based module
  Add method to clear plugin selector (bug 382136)


  Update sGlobalFileName when QStandardPaths TestMode is toggled
  API dox: state explicitly expected encoding for KConfig key & group names


  KCModule: Indicate when a setting has been changed from the default value
  When resetting to system default do not use the standard palette of the style


  Introduce KRandom::shuffle(container)


  SettingStateBinding : expose whether non default highlight is enabled
  Make sure KF5CoreAddons is installed before using KF5Declarative
  Add KF5::CoreAddons to public interface for KF5::QuickAddons
  Introduce SettingState* elements to ease KCM writing
  support config notifications in configpropertymap

KDE GUI Addons

  Move KCursorSaver from libkdepim, improved


  Adapt license to LGPL-2.0-or-later


  KFilterCombo: application/octet-stream is also hasAllFilesFilter
  Introduce OpenOrExecuteFileInterface for handling opening executables
  RenameDialog: Show if files are identical (bug 412662)
  [rename dialog] Port Overwrite button to KStandardGuiItem::Overwrite (bug 424414)
  Show up to three file item actions inline, not just one (bug 424281)
  KFileFilterCombo: Show extensions if there's repeated mime comment
  [KUrlCompletion] Don't append / to completed folders
  [Properties] Add SHA512 algorithm to checksums widget (bug 423739)
  [WebDav] Fix copies that include overwrites for the webdav slave (bug 422238)


  Support action visibility in GlobalDrawer
  Introduce FlexColumn component
  Mobile layout optimizations
  a layer must cover the tabbar as well
  PageRouter: actually use preloaded pages when pushing
  Improve (Abstract)ApplicationItem docs
  Fix segfault on PageRouter teardown
  Make ScrollablePage scrollable with keyboard
  Improve accessibility of the Kirigami input fields
  Fix the static build
  PageRouter: Add convenience APIs for otherwise manual tasks
  Introduce PageRouter lifecycle APIs
  Force a low Z order of ShadowedRectangle's software fallback


  KSelectionProxyModel: allow using the model with new-style connect
  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: fix hasChildren() when no columns are set up yet


  [QtQuick dialog] use update icon that exists (bug 424892)
  [QtQuick GHNS dialog] Improve combobox labels
  Don't show the downloaditem selector for only one downloadable item
  Rejig the layout a little, for a more balanced look
  Fix layout for the EntryDetails status card
  Only link to Core, not the quick plugin (because that won't work)
  Some prettification of the welcome screen (and don't use qml dialogs)
  Use the dialog when a knsrc file is passed, otherwise not
  Remove the button from the main window
  Add a dialog (for showing the dialog directly when passed a file)
  Add the new bits to the main application
  Add a simple (at least for now) model for showing knsrc files
  Move the main qml file into a qrc
  Turn the KNewStuff Dialog test tool into a proper tool
  Allow to delete updatable entries (bug 260836)
  Do not focus first element automatically (bug 417843)
  Fix display of Details and Uninstall button in Tiles view mode (bug 418034)
  Fix moving buttons when seach text is inserted (bug 406993)
  Fix missing parameter for translated string
  Fix details install dropdown in QWidgets dialog (bug 369561)
  Add tooltips for different view modes in QML dialog
  Set entry to uninstalled if installation fails (bug 422864)


  Also take model properties into account when using ModelHistorySource


  Implement KConfig watcher for enabled plugins and runner KCMs (bug 421426)
  Do not remove virtual method from build (bug 423003)
  Deprecate AbstractRunner::dataEngine(...)
  Fix disabled runners and runner config for plasmoid
  Delay emitting metadata porting warnings until KF 5.75


  Add overload to invoke terminal with ENV variables (bug 409107)


  add icons to all buttons of file modified message (bug 423061)
  Use the canonical docs.kde.org URLs

KWallet Framework

  use better Name and follow HIG
  Mark API as deprecated also in D-Bus interface description
  Add copy of org.kde.KWallet.xml without deprecated API


  plasma-window-management:  Adapt to changes in the protocol
  PlasmaWindowManagement: adopt changes in the protocol


  KMultiTabBar: paint tab icons active on mouseover
  Fix KMultiTabBar to paint the icon shifted on down/checked by style design
  Use new overwrite icon for Overwrite GUI Item (bug 406563)


  Make KXmlGuiVersionHandler::findVersionNumber public in KXMLGUIClient


  Remove secrets logging

Plasma Framework

  Set cpp ownership on the units instance
  Add some missing PlasmaCore imports
  Remove usage of context properties for theme and units
  PC3: Improve look of the Menu
  Adjust audio icons again to match breeze-icons
  Make showTooltip() invokable from QML
  [PlasmaComponents3] Honor icon.[name|source] property
  filter on formfactors if set
  Update mute icon style to match breeze-icons
  Remove broken metatype registration for types missing the "*" in the name
  Use 35% opacity for faded elements in the network icons
  Don't show Plasma dialogs in task switchers (bug 419239)
  Correct QT Bug URL for font rendering hack
  Don't use hand cursor because it is not consistent
  [ExpandableListItem] use standard button sizes
  [PlasmaComponents3] Show ToolButton focus effect and omit shadow when flat
  Unify height of PC3 buttons, TextFields, and Comboboxes
  [PlasmaComponents3] Add missing features to TextField
  [ExpandableListItem] Fix silly error
  Rewrite button.svg to make it easier to understand
  Copy DataEngine relays before itterating (bug 423081)
  Make signal strength in network icons more visible (bug 423843)


  Use "raised" style for non-flat toolbuttons
  Only reserve space for the icon in toolbutton if we actually have an icon
  Support showing a menu arrow on tool buttons
  Really fix menu separator height on high DPI
  Update Mainpage.dox
  Set height of MenuSeparator properly (bug 423653)


  Clear m_deviceCache before introspecting again (bug 416495)

Syntax Highlighting

  convert DetectChar to proper Detect2Chars
  Mathematica: some improvements
  Doxygen: fix some errors ; DoxygenLua: starts only with --- or --!
  AutoHotkey: complete rewrite
  Nim: fix comments
  Add syntax highlighting for Nim
  Scheme: fix identifier
  Scheme: add datum comment, nested-comment and other improvements
  replace some RegExp by AnyChar, DetectChar, Detect2Chars or StringDetect
  language.xsd: remove HlCFloat and introduce char type
  KConfig: fix $(...) and operators + some improvements
  ISO C++: fix performance in highlighting numbers
  Lua: attribute with Lua54 and some other improvements
  replace RegExpr=[.]{1,1} by DetectChar
  Add PureScript highlighting based on Haskell rules. It gives pretty good approximation and starting point for PureScript
  README.md: use the canonical docs.kde.org URLs

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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