KDE Frameworks 5.69.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Apr 11 10:14:11 BST 2020

11th April 2020. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.69.0.

KDE Frameworks are 82 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  [SearchStore] Use categorized logging
  [QueryParser] Fix broken detection of end quote
  [EngineQuery] Provide toString(Term) overload for QTest
  [EngineQuery] Remove unused position member, extend tests
  [SearchStore] Avoid long lines and function nesting
  [baloosearch] Bail out early if specified folder is not valid
  [MTimeDB] Consolidate time interval handling code
  [AdvancedQueryParser] Test if quoted phrases are passed correctly
  [Term] Provide toString(Term) overload for QTest
  [ResultIterator] Remove unneeded SearchStore forward declaration
  [QueryTest] Make phrase test case data driven and extend
  [Inotify] Start the MoveFrom expire timer at most once per inotify batch
  [UnindexedFileIndexer] Only mark file for content indexing when needed
  [Inotify] Call QFile::decode only in a single place
  [QML] Correctly watch for unregistration
  [FileIndexScheduler] Update the content index progress more often
  [FileIndexerConfig] Replace config QString,bool pair with dedicated class
  [QML] Set the remaining time in the monitor more reliably
  [TimeEstimator] Correct batch size, remove config reference
  [FileIndexScheduler] Emit change to LowPowerIdle state
  [Debug] Improve readability of positioninfo debug format
  [Debug] Correct output of *::toTestMap(), silence non-error
  [WriteTransactionTest] Test removal of positions only
  [WriteTransaction] Extend position test case
  [WriteTransaction] Avoid growing m_pendingOperations twice on replace
  [FileIndexScheduler] Cleanup firstRun handling
  [StorageDevices] Fix order of notification connect and initialization
  [Config] Remove/deprecate disableInitialUpdate

Breeze Icons

  Fix broken symlinks
  Move corner fold to top right in 24 icons
  Make find-location show a magnifier on a map, to be different to mark-location (bug 407061)
  Add 16px LibreOffice icons
  Fix configure when xmllint is not present
  Fix stylesheet linking in 8 icons
  Fix some stylesheet colors in 2 icon files
  Fix symlinks to incorrect icon size
  Add input-dialpad and call-voicemail
  Add buho icon
  Add calindori icon in the new pm style
  Add nota icon
  [breeze-icons] fix shadow in some user (applets/128) icons
  Add call-incoming/missed/outgoing
  Handle busybox's sed like GNU sed
  Add transmission-tray-icon
  Improve pixel alignment and margins of keepassxc systray icons
  Revert "[breeze-icons] Add telegram-desktop tray icons"
  Add small icons for KeePassXC
  [breeze-icons] add TeamViewer tray icons
  Add edit-reset
  Change document-revert style to be more like edit-undo
  Icons for emoji categories
  Add flameshot tray icons


  Fix type namespace requirement


  Decouple KBookmarksMenu from KActionCollection


  Fix fallback to vCalendar loading on iCalendar load failure


  listen to passiveNotificationRequested
  workaround to never make applicationitem resize itself


  [KConfigGui] Check font weight when clearing styleName property
  KconfigXT: Add a value attribute to Enum field choices


  kdirwatch: fix a recently introduced crash (bug 419428)
  KPluginMetaData: handle invalid mimetype in supportsMimeType


  Move setErrorMessage definition out of the linux ifdef
  Allow providing an error message from the application (bug 375913)


  Check correct file for sandbox detection


  Introduce api for passive notifications
  [KCM Controls GridDelegate] Use `ShadowedRectangle`
  [kcmcontrols] Respect header/footer visibility


  Use bold italic at 100% for sect4 titles, and bold 100% for sect5 titles (bug 419256)
  Update the list of the Italian entities
  Use the same style for informaltable as for table (bug 418696)


  Fix infinite recursion in xscreensaver plugin


  Port the HDR plugin from sscanf() to QRegularExpression. Fixes FreeBSD


  New class KIO::CommandLauncherJob in KIOGui to replace KRun::runCommand
  New class KIO::ApplicationLauncherJob in KIOGui to replace KRun::run
  File ioslave : use Better setting for sendfile syscall (bug 402276)
  FileWidgets: Ignore Return events from KDirOperator (bug 412737)
  [DirectorySizeJob] Fix sub-dirs count when resolving symlinks to dirs
  Mark KIOFuse mounts as Probably slow
  kio_file: honour KIO::StatResolveSymlink for UDS_DEVICE_ID and UDS_INODE
  [KNewFileMenu] Add extension to proposed filename (bug 61669)
  [KOpenWithDialog] Add generic name from .desktop files as a tooltip (bug 109016)
  KDirModel: implement showing a root node for the requested URL
  Register spawned applications as an independent cgroups
  Add "Stat" prefix to StatDetails Enum entries
  Windows: Add suport for file date creation
  KAbstractFileItemActionPlugin: Add missing quotes in code example
  Avoid double fetch and temporary hex encoding for NTFS attributes
  KMountPoint: skip swap
  Assign an icon to action submenus
  [DesktopExecParser] Open {ssh,telnet,rlogin}:// urls with ktelnetservice (bug 418258)
  Fix exitcode from kioexec when executable doesn't exist (and --tempfiles is set)
  [KPasswdServer] replace foreach with range/index-based for
  KRun's KProcessRunner: terminate startup notification on error too
  [http_cache_cleaner] replace foreach usage with QDir::removeRecursively()
  [StatJob] Use A QFlag to specify the details returned by StatJob


  Hotfix for D28468 to fix broken variable refs
  get rid of the incubator
  disable mousewheel completely in outside flickable
  Add property initializer support to PagePool
  Refactor of OverlaySheet
  Add ShadowedImage and ShadowedTexture items
  [controls/formlayout] Don't attempt to reset implicitWidth
  Add useful input method hints to password field by default
  [FormLayout] Set compression timer interval to 0
  [UrlButton] Disable when there is no URL
  simplify header resizing (bug 419124)
  Remove export header from static install
  Fix about page with Qt 5.15
  Fix broken paths in kirigami.qrc.in
  Add "veryLongDuration" animation duration
  fix multi row notifications
  don't depend on window active for the timer
  Support multiple stacked Passive Notifications
  Fix enabling border for ShadowedRectangle on item creation
  check for window existence
  Add missing types to qrc
  Fix undefined check in global drawer menu mode (bug 417956)
  Fallback to a simple rectangle when using software rendering
  Fix color premultiply and alpha blending
  [FormLayout] Propagate FormData.enabled also to label
  Add a ShadowedRectangle item
  alwaysVisibleActions property
  don't create instances when the app is quitting
  Don't emit palette changes if the palette didn't change


  [KSortFilterProxyModel QML] Make invalidateFilter public


  Fix layout in DownloadItemsSheet (bug 419535)
  [QtQuick dialog] Port to UrlBUtton and hide when there's no URL
  Switch to using Kirigami's ShadowedRectangle
  Fix update scenarios with no explicit downloadlink selected (bug 417510)


  New class KNotificationJobUiDelegate


  Use libcanberra as primary means of previewing the sound (bug 418975)


  New class PartLoader as replacement to KMimeTypeTrader for parts


  KAutostart: Add static method to check start condition
  KServiceAction: store parent service
  Properly read the X-Flatpak-RenamedFrom string list from desktop files


  Make it compile against q5.15
  fix folding crash for folding of single line folds (bug 417890)
  [VIM Mode] Add g<up> g<down> commands (bug 418486)
  Add MarkInterfaceV2, to s/QPixmap/QIcon/g for symbols of marks
  Draw inlineNotes after drawing word wrap marker


  [xdgoutput] Only send initial name and description if set
  Add XdgOutputV1 version 2
  Broadcast application menu to resources when registering them
  Provide an implementation for the tablet interface
  [server] Don't make assumptions about the order of damage_buffer and attach requests
  Pass a dedicated fd to each keyboard for the xkb  keymap (bug 381674)
  [server] Introduce SurfaceInterface::boundingRect()


  New class KFontChooserDialog (based on KFontDialog from KDELibs4Support)
  [KCharSelect] Do not simplify single characters in search (bug 418461)
  It we readd items we need to clear it first. OTherwise we will see
  Update kcharselect-data to Unicode 13.0


  Fix EWMH non-compliance for NET::{OnScreenDisplay,CriticalNotification}
  KWindowSystem: deprecate KStartupInfoData::launchedBy, unused
  Expose application menu via KWindowInfo

Plasma Framework

  Added Page element
  [pc3/busyindicator] Hide when not running
  Update window-pin, Add more sizes, Remove redundant edit-delete
  Create a new TopArea element using widgets/toparea svg
  Added plasmoid heading svg
  Make highlighted property work for roundbutton


  Also expose the true minimum size to QML
  Add a new set of barcode size functions
  Simplify minimum size handling
  Move barcode image scaling logic to AbstractBarcode
  Add API to check whether a barcode is one- or two-dimensional


  [Dialog] Use `ShadowedRectangle`
  Fix sizing of CheckBox and RadioButton (bug 418447)
  Use `ShadowedRectangle`


  [Fstab] Ensure uniqueness for all filesystem types
  Samba: Ensure to differenciate mounts sharing the same source (bug 418906)
  hardware tool: define syntax via syntax arg


  Fix Sonnet autodetect failing on Indian langs
  Create ConfigView an unmanaged ConfigWidget

Syntax Highlighting

  LaTeX: fix math parentheses in optional labels (bug 418979)
  Add Inno Setup syntax, including embedded Pascal scripting
  Lua: add # as additional deliminator to activate auto-completion with `#something`
  C: remove ' as digit separator
  add some comment about the skip offset stuff
  optimize dynamic regex matching (bug 418778)
  fix regex rules wrongly marked as dynamic
  extend indexer to detect dynamic=true regexes that have no place holders to adapt
  Add Overpass QL highlighting
  Agda: keywords updated to 2.6.0 and fix float points

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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