KDE Frameworks 5.62.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Sep 14 12:35:00 BST 2019

14th September 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.62.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see


  Fix the attica pkgconfig file


  Fixes a crash in Peruse triggered by baloo

Breeze Icons

  Add new activities and virtual desktops icons
  Make small recent documents icons look like documents and improve clock emblems
  Create new "Recent folders" icon (bug 411635)
  Add "preferences-desktop-navigation" icon (bug 402910)
  Add 22px dialog-scripts, change script actions/places icons to match it
  Improve "user-trash" icon
  Use empty/filled style for monochrome empty/full trash
  Make notification icons use outline style
  Make user-trash icons look like trashcans (bug 399613)
  Add breeze icons for ROOT cern files
  Remove applets/22/computer (bug 410854)
  Add view-barcode-qr icons
  Krita has split from Calligra and now uses Krita name instead of calligrakrita (bug 411163)
  Add battery-ups icons (bug 411051)
  Make "monitor" a link to "computer" icon
  Add FictionBook 2 icons
  Add icon for kuiviewer, needs updating -> bug 407527
  Symlink "port" to "anchor", which displays more appropriate iconography
  Change radio to device icon, add more sizes
  Make `pin` icon point to an icon that looks like a pin, not something unrelated
  Fix missing digit and pixel-perfect alignment of depth action icons (bug 406502)
  Make 16px folder-activites look more like larger sizes
  add latte-dock icon from latte dock repo for kde.org/applications
  icon for kdesrc-build used by kde.org/applications to be redrawn
  Rename media-show-active-track-amarok to media-track-show-active

Extra CMake Modules

  ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin: pass code sample indirectly via variable name arg
  Keep 'lib' as default LIBDIR on Arch Linux based systems
  Enable autorcc by default
  Define install location for JAR/AAR files for Android
  Add ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin


  Add Term::Type::files() and Term::Type::directories() to filter only directories or excluding them
  Add @since 5.62 for newly added setters
  Add proper logging using ECMQtDeclareLoggingCategory
  Add setter to Type, Activity, Agent and UrlFilter query fields
  Use special values constants in terms.cpp
  Allow date range filtering of resource events using Date Term


  [kactivities] Use new activities icon


  Fix creating archives on Android content: URLs


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  Fix memory leak in KConfigWatcher
  Disable KCONFIG_USE_DBUS on Android


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)
  [KColorSchemeManager] Optimize preview generation


  KProcessInfo::name() now returns only the name of the executable. For the full command line use KProcessInfo::command()


  Avoid enabling kcrash if it's only included via a plugin (bug 401637)
  Disable kcrash when running under rr


  Fix race on kcrash auto-restarts


  Warn if KPackage is invalid
  [GridDelegate] Don't select unselected item when clicking on any of its action buttons (bug 404536)
  [ColorButton] Forward accepted signal from ColorDialog
  use zero-based coordinate system on the plot


  Deprecate kgendesignerplugin, drop bundle plugim for all KF5 widgets

KDE WebKit

  Use ECMAddQtDesignerPlugin instead of private copy


  KF5DocToolsMacros.cmake: Use non-deprecated KDEInstallDirs variables (bug 410998)


  Implement writing of images

KHolidays #

  Display filename where we return an error


  Localize long number strings (bug 409077)
  Support passing target to ki18n_wrap_ui macro


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  Undoing trashing files on the desktop has been fixed (bug 391606)
  kio_trash: split up copyOrMove, for a better error than "should never happen"
  FileUndoManager: clearer assert when forgetting to record
  Fix exit and crash in kio_file when put() fails in readData
  [CopyJob] Fix crash when copying an already existing dir and pressing "Skip" (bug 408350)
  [KUrlNavigator] Add MIME types supported by krarc to isCompressedPath (bug 386448)
  Added dialog to set execute permission for executable file when trying to run it
  [KPropertiesDialog] Always check mount point being null (bug 411517)
  [KRun] Check mime type for isExecutableFile first
  Add an icon for the trash root and a proper label (bug 392882)
  Add support for handling QNAM SSL errors to KSslErrorUiData
  Making FileJob behave consistently
  [KFilePlacesView] Use asynchronous KIO::FileSystemFreeSpaceJob
  rename internal 'kioslave' helper executable to 'kioslave5' (bug 386859)
  [KDirOperator] Middle-elide labels that are too long to fit (bug 404955)
  [KDirOperator] Add follow new directories options
  KDirOperator: Only enable "Create New" menu if the selected item is a directory
  KIO FTP: Fix file copy hanging when copying to existing file (bug 409954)
  KIO: port to non-deprecated KWindowSystem::setMainWindow
  Make file bookmark names consistent
  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)
  [KDirOperator] Use more human-readable sort order descriptions
  [Permissions editor] Port icons to use QIcon::fromTheme() (bug 407662)


  Replace the custom overflow button with PrivateActionToolButton in ActionToolBar
  If a submenu action has an icon set, make sure to also display it
  [Separator] Match Breeze borders' color
  Add Kirigami ListSectionHeader component
  Fix context menu button for pages not showing up
  Fix PrivateActionToolButton with menu not clearing checked state properly
  allow to set custom icon for the left drawer handle
  Rework the visibleActions logic in SwipeListItem
  Allow usage of QQC2 actions on Kirigami components and now make K.Action based on QQC2.Action
  Kirigami.Icon: Fix loading bigger images when source is a URL (bug 400312)
  Add icon used by Kirigami.AboutPage


  Add Q_PROPERTIES interface to KDescendantsProxyModel
  Port away from deprecated methods in Qt


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  Avoid duplicate notifications from showing up on Windows and remove whitespaces
  Have 1024x1024 app icon as fallback icon in Snore
  Add `-pid` parameter to Snore backend calls
  Add snoretoast backend for KNotifications on Windows


  Make it possible to delete contacts from backends
  Make it possible to modify contacts


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  Make sure we're checking whether tearing down is due after finishing a job
  Add a done signal to FindMatchesJob instead of using QObjectDecorator wrongly


  Allow to customize attributes for KSyntaxHighligting themes
  Fix for all themes: allow turn off attributes in XML highlighting files
  simplify isAcceptableInput + allow all stuff for input methods
  simplify typeChars, no need for return code without filtering
  Mimic QInputControl::isAcceptableInput() when filtering typed characters (bug 389796)
  try to sanitize line endings on paste (bug 410951)
  Fix: allow turn off attributes in XML highlighting files
  improve word completion to use highlighting to detect word boundaries (bug 360340)
  More porting from QRegExp to QRegularExpression
  properly check if diff command can be started for swap file diffing (bug 389639)
  KTextEditor: Fix left border flicker when switching between documents
  Migrate some more QRegExps to QRegularExpression
  Allow 0 in line ranges in vim mode
  Use CMake find_dependency instead of find_package in CMake config file template


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  Add decibel power units (dBW and multiples)

KWallet Framework

  KWallet: fix starting kwalletmanager, the desktop file name has a '5' in it


  [server] Wrap proxyRemoveSurface in smart pointer
  [server] Use cached current mode more and assert validness
  [server] Cache current mode
  Implement zwp_linux_dmabuf_v1


  [KMessageWidget] Pass widget to standardIcon()
  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  KWindowSystem: add cmake option KWINDOWSYSTEM_NO_WIDGETS
  Deprecate slideWindow(QWidget *widget)
  Add KWindowSystem::setMainWindow(QWindow *) overload
  KWindowSystem: add setNewStartupId(QWindow *...) overload


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)


  Rename WirelessDevice::lastRequestScanTime to WirelessDevice::lastRequestScan
  Add property lastScanTime and lastRequestTime to WirelessDevice

Plasma Framework

  Make notification icons use outline style
  make the sizing of the toolbuttons more coherent
  Allow applets/containments/wallpaper to defer UIReadyConstraint
  Make notification icons look like bells (bug 384015)
  Fix incorrect initial tabs position for vertical tab bars (bug 395390)


  Fixed Telegram Desktop plugin on Fedora


  Prevent dragging QQC2 ComboBox contents outside menu


  Make battery serial property constant
  Expose technology property in battery interface


  Add option to build Qt Designer plugin (BUILD_DESIGNERPLUGIN, default ON)

Syntax Highlighting

  C & ISO C++: add digraphs (folding & preprocessor) (bug 411508)
  Markdown, TypeScript & Logcat: some fixes
  Format class: add functions to know if XML files set style attributes
  combine test.m stuff into existing highlight.m
  Support for native Matlab strings
  Gettext: Add "Translated String" style and spellChecking attribute (bug 392612)
  Set the OpenSCAD indenter to C-style instead of none
  Possiblity to change Definition data after loading
  Highlighting indexer: check kateversion
  Markdown: multiple improvements and fixes (bug 390309)
  JSP: support of <script> and <style> ; use IncludeRule ##Java (bug 345003)
  LESS: import CSS keywords, new highlighting and some improvements
  JavaScript: remove unnecessary "Conditional Expression" context
  New syntax: SASS. Some fixes for CSS and SCSS (bug 149313)
  Use CMake find_dependency in CMake config file instead of find_package
  SCSS: fix interpolation (#{...}) and add the Interpolation color
  fix additionalDeliminator attribute (bug 399348)
  C++: contracts are not in C++20
  Gettext: fix "previous untranslated string" and other improvements/fixes
  Jam: Fix local with variable without initilisation and highlight SubRule
  implicit fallthough if there is fallthoughContext
  Add common GLSL file extensions (.vs, .gs, .fs)
  Latex: several fixes (math mode, nested verbatim, ...) (bug 410477)
  Lua: fix color of end with several levels of condition and function nesting
  Highlighting indexer: all warnings are fatal

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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