KDE Project Security Advisory: Windows: Incorrect behavior of uninstall.exe

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Jul 21 15:17:26 BST 2019

KDE Project Security Advisory

Title:          Windows: Incorrect behavior of uninstall.exe
Risk Rating:    Important
Versions:       KDE Windows Applications created before 9th of July 2019
Date:           21st July 2019

When a Windows KDE Application was installed using some non-default
parameters (local install only, using a custom install folder), the
application uninstaller was deleting all user data in the installation
For example, if installed in the user's "Documents" folder (i.e. not in
"Documents/ApplicationName" but directly in "Documents"), the uninstaller
would remove the whole "Documents" folder instead of just the files added
when installing.

Do not use the uninstall.exe utility in KDE Applications created before
10th of
July 2019, simply delete the installed files and folders manually.

Thanks to Hannah von Reth for the fix.
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