KDE Project Security Advisory: kauth: Insecure handling of arguments in helpers

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sat Feb 9 11:13:05 GMT 2019

KDE Project Security Advisory

Title:          kauth: Insecure handling of arguments in helpers
Risk Rating:    Medium
CVE:            CVE-2019-7443
Versions:       KDE Frameworks < 5.55.0
Date:           9 February 2019

KAuth allows to pass parameters with arbitrary types to helpers running as root
over DBus. Certain types can cause crashes and trigger decoding arbitrary
images with dynamically loaded plugins.

Update to kauth >= 5.55.0

Or apply the following patch to kauth:

Thanks to Fabian Vogt for the report and Albert Astals Cid for the fix.

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