KDE Frameworks 5.65.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Dec 14 11:04:46 GMT 2019

14th December 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.65.0.

KDE Frameworks are 82 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see

New module: KQuickCharts -- a QtQuick module providing high-performance charts.

Breeze Icons

  Pixel align color-picker
  Add new baloo icons
  Add new preferences search icons
  Use an eyedropper for color-picker icons (bug 403924)
  Add "all applications" category icon

Extra CMake Modules

  EBN extra-cmake-modules transport cleanup
  Explicitly use lib for systemd directories
  Add install dir for systemd units
  KDEFrameworkCompilerSettings: enable all Qt & KF deprecation warnings

Framework Integration

  Conditionally set SH_ScrollBar_LeftClickAbsolutePosition based on kdeglobals setting (bug 379498)
  Set application name and version on the knshandler tool

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Fix module imports with Python3


  Install .pri file for KAuthCore


  Deprecate KonqBookmarkMenu and KonqBookmarkContextMenu
  Move classes only used by KonqBookmarkMenu together with it

KCalendarCore #

  Fallback to system time zone on calendar creation with an invalid one
  Memory Calendar: avoid code duplication
  Use QDate as key in mIncidencesForDate in MemoryCalendar
  Handle incidences in different time zones in MemoryCalendar


  [KCMultiDialog] Remove most special margins handling; it's done in KPageDialog now
  KPluginSelector: use new KAboutPluginDialog
  Add guard for missing kirigami (bug 405023)
  Disable the restore defaults button if the KCModule says so
  Have KCModuleProxy take care of the defaulted state
  Make KCModuleQml conform to the defaulted() signal


  Refactor KHistoryComboBox::insertItems


  Document Notifiers setting
  Only create a session config when actually restoring a session
  kwriteconfig: add delete option
  Add KPropertySkeletonItem
  Prepare KConfigSkeletonItem to allow inheriting its private class


  [KColorScheme] Make order of decoration colors match DecorationRole enum
  [KColorScheme] Fix mistake in NShadeRoles comment
  [KColorScheme/KStatefulBrush] Switch hardcoded numbers for enum items
  [KColorScheme] Add items to ColorSet and Role enums for the total number of items
  Register KKeySequenceWidget to KConfigDialogManager
  Adjust KCModule to also channel information about defaults


  Deprecate KAboutData::fromPluginMetaData, now there is KAboutPluginDialog
  Add a descriptive warning when inotify_add_watch returned ENOSPC (bug 387663)
  Add test for bug "bug-414360" it's not a ktexttohtml bug (bug 414360)


  Include API to generically implement --replace arguments


  EBN kdeclarative transfer protocol cleanup
  Adapt to change in KConfigCompiler
  make header and footer visible when they get content
  support qqmlfileselectors
  Allow to disable autosave behavior in ConfigPropertyMap


  Remove kdeinit dependency from kded

KDELibs 4 Support

  remove unused kgesturemap from kaction


  Catalan Works: Add missing entities


  Undeprecate I18N_NOOP2


  Deprecate top-level UserIcon method, no longer used


  Add new protocol for 7z archives
  [CopyJob] When linking also consider https for text-html icon
  [KFileWidget] Avoid calling slotOk right after the url changed (bug 412737)
  [kfilewidget] Load icons by name
  KRun: don't override user preferred app when opening local *.*html and co. files (bug 399020)
  Repair FTP/HTTP proxy querying for the case of no proxy
  Ftp ioslave: Fix ProxyUrls parameter passing
  [KPropertiesDialog] provide a way of showing the target of a symlink (bug 413002)
  [Remote ioslave] Add Display Name to remote:/ (bug 414345)
  Fix HTTP proxy settings (bug 414346)
  [KDirOperator] Add Backspace shortcut to back action
  When kioslave5 couldn't be found in libexec-ish locations try $PATH
  [Samba] Improve warning message about netbios name
  [DeleteJob] Use a separate worker thread to run actual IO operation (bug 390748)
  [KPropertiesDialog] Make creation date string mouse-selectable too (bug 413902)

  Deprecated KTcpSocket and KSsl* classes
  Remove the last traces of KSslError from TCPSlaveBase
  Port ssl_cert_errors meta data from KSslError to QSslError
  Deprecate KTcpSocket overload of KSslErrorUiData ctor
  [http kio slave] use QSslSocket instead of KTcpSocket (deprecated)
  [TcpSlaveBase] port from KTcpSocket (deprecated) to QSslSocket


  Fix margins of ToolBarHeader
  Do not crash when icon's source is empty
  MenuIcon: fix warnings when the drawer isn't initialized
  Account for a mnemonic label to go back to ""
  Fix InlineMessage actions always being placed in overflow menu
  Fix default card background (bug 414329)
  Icon: solve threading issue on when the source is http
  keyboard navigation fixes
  i18n: extract messages also from C++ sources
  Fix cmake project command position
  Make QmlComponentsPool one instance per engine (bug 414003)
  Switch ToolBarPageHeader to use the icon collapse behaviour from ActionToolBar
  ActionToolBar: Automatically change to icon-only for actions marked KeepVisible
  Add a displayHint property to Action
  add the dbus interface in the static version
  Revert "take into account dragging speed when a flick ends"
  FormLayout: Fix label height if wide mode is false
  don't show the handle by default when not modal
  Revert "Ensure that GlobalDrawer topContent always stays on top"
  Use a RowLayout for laying out ToolBarPageHeader
  Vertically center left actions in ActionTextField (bug 413769)
  irestore dynamic watch of tablet mode
  replace SwipeListItem
  support actionsVisible property
  start SwipeListItem port to SwipeDelegate


  Deprecate KRecursiveFilterProxyModel
  KNumberModel: gracefully handle a stepSize of 0
  Expose KNumberModel to QML
  Add new class KNumberModel that is a model of numbers between two values
  Expose KDescendantsProxyModel to QML
  Add qml import for KItemModels


  Add some friendly "report bugs here" links
  Fix i18n syntax to avoid runtime errors (bug 414498)
  Turn KNewStuffQuick::CommentsModel into a SortFilterProxy for reviews
  Correctly set i18n arguments in one pass (bug 414060)
  These functions are @since 5.65, not 5.64
  Add OBS to screenrecorders (bug 412320)
  Fix a couple of broken links, update links to https://kde.org/applications/
  Fix translations of $GenericName
  Show a "Loading more..." busy indicator when loading view data
  Give some more pretty feedback in NewStuff::Page while the Engine is loading (bug 413439)
  Add an overlay component for item activity feedback (bug 413441)
  Only show DownloadItemsSheet if there's more than one download item (bug 413437)
  Use the pointing hand cursor for the single-clickable delegates (bug 413435)
  Fix the header layouts for EntryDetails and Page components (bug 413440)


  Make the docs reflect that setIconName should be preferred over setPixmap when possible
  Document configuration file path on Android


  Mark BrowserRun::simpleSave properly as deprecated
  BrowserOpenOrSaveQuestion: move AskEmbedOrSaveFlags enum from BrowserRun


  Allow triggering sort from QML


New module.
The Quick Charts module provides a set of charts that can be used from QtQuick
applications. They are intended to be used for both simple display of data as
well as continuous display of high-volume data (often referred to as plotters).
The charts use a system called distance fields for their accelerated rendering,
which provides ways of using the GPU for rendering 2D shapes without loss of


  KateModeManager::updateFileType(): validate modes and reload menu of the status bar
  Verify modes of the session config file
  LGPLv2+ after ok by Svyatoslav Kuzmich
  restore files pre-format


  Deprecate kregexpeditorinterface
  [kfinddialog] Remove usage of kregexpeditor plugin system


  [server] Do not own dmabuf implementation
  [server] Make double-buffered properties in xdg-shell double-buffered


  [KSqueezedTextLabel] Add icon for "Copy entire text" action
  Unify KPageDialog margin handling into KPageDialog itself (bug 413181)


  Adjust count after _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS addition
  Add support for _GTK_FRAME_EXTENTS


  Drop unused broken KGesture support
  Add KAboutPluginDialog, to be used with KPluginMetaData
  Also allow invoking session restoration logic when apps are manually launched (bug 413564)
  Add missing property to KKeySequenceWidget

Oxygen Icons

  Symlink microphone to audio-input-microphone on all sizes (bug 398160)

Plasma Framework

  move backgroundhints managment in Applet
  use the file selector in the interceptor
  more use of ColorScope
  also monitor window changes
  support for user removing background and automatic shadow
  support file selectors
  support qml file selectors
  remove stray qgraphicsview stuff
  don't delete and recreate wallpaperinterface if not needed
  MobileTextActionsToolBar check if controlRoot is undefined before using it
  Add hideOnWindowDeactivate to PlasmaComponents.Dialog


  include the cmake command we are about to use


  [TabBar] Use window color instead of button color (bug 413311)
  bind enabled properties to the view enabled
  [ToolTip] Base timeout on text length
  [ComboBox] Don't dim Popup
  [ComboBox] Don't indicate focus when popup is open
  [ComboBox] Follow focusPolicy


  [udisks2] fix media change detection for external optical drives (bug 394348)


  Disable ispell backend with mingw
  Implement ISpellChecker backend for Windows >= 8
  Basic cross-compiling support for parsetrigrams
  embed trigrams.map into shared library


  Fix Bug 383381 - Getting the feed URL from a youtube channel no longer works (bug 383381)
  Extract code so we can fix parsing code (bug 383381)
  atom has icon support (So we can use specific icon in akregator)
  Convert as a real qtest apps

Syntax Highlighting

  Updates from CMake 3.16 final release
  reStructuredText: Fix inline literals highlighting preceding characters
  rst: Add support for standalone hyperlinks
  JavaScript: move keywords from TypeScript and other improvements
  JavaScript/TypeScript React: rename syntax definitions
  LaTeX: fix backslash delimiter in some keywords (bug 413493)


  Use URL with transport encryption

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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