The KDE community announces the release of KDE Applications 19.08

Paul Brown paul.brown at
Fri Aug 16 18:05:32 BST 2019

August 15, 2019.

For Immediate Release

## The KDE community is happy to announce the release of KDE Applications 

This release is part of KDE's commitment to continually provide improved 
versions of the programs we ship to our users. New versions of Applications 
bring more features and better-designed software that increases the usability 
and stability of apps like Dolphin, Kate, Konsole, Gewnview, Okular, Cantor, 
and all other favorite KDE utilities. Our aim is to ensure users remain 
productive, and to make KDE software easier and more enjoyable for you to use.

You can read the full announcement containing more information about the most 
prominent changes at:


A more technical and detailed account of this release is available in the 
changelog, available at:


Downloads are available in KDE Neon now and will appear in most major Linux 
distributions shortly. KDE applications can also be installed via Snaps:


and Flatpaks


**We hope you enjoy KDE Applications 19.08 as much as we enjoyed making it!**

## About KDE

The KDE® Community is a free software community dedicated to creating an open 
and user-friendly computing experience, offering an advanced graphical desktop, 
a wide variety of applications for communication, work, education and 
entertainment and a platform of libraries and frameworks that helps developers 
easily build new applications. We have a strong focus on finding innovative 
solutions to old and new problems, creating a dynamic atmosphere open for 
experimentation. Find out more about KDE at <>
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