Hex editor Okteta 0.26.7 released

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Tue Feb 22 15:49:44 GMT 2022


Okteta 0.26.7 has been released.

About Okteta:
Okteta is an editor & viewer for the raw data of files. Its functionality is 
mainly implemented in software libraries with a public API and thus also 
available to other software.

Learn more at https://apps.kde.org/okteta

Changes since 0.26.6:
* Improved: translations
* Fixed: crash in string extraction tool with marked strings from closed view
  BUG: 444405
* Fixed: in JIS X 0201 codec properly map ASCII control char subset
* Fixed: use own IBM874 codec, given Qt with ICU maps it to TIS-620
* Changed: a context menu now available with the view area (incl. tabs)
* Changed: tabs of views can now be reordered (inside a single tab area)
* Changed: empty documents can be created by LMB double-clicks in empty areas
* Changed: remember used settings of tools across app restarts
* Changed: remember used settings of data generators across app restarts
* Changed: remember used settings of data encoders across app restarts

Download from:


Signed with PGP key (new one since 22/01, due to old one being outdated):
    E6EB D6EB 0518 FE5B CCA5 F6A7 6AAC DD26 3C2C EFD4
    Get from https://collaborate.kde.org/s/DsLy35eqG6qH7MJ


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