Kup version 0.9.0

Simon Persson simon.persson at mykolab.com
Sat May 22 06:25:29 BST 2021

A delayed announcement for version 0.9.0 out last week.

Kup is a backup scheduler integrating with the plasma desktop with
support for versioned incremental backups using bup and for sync-type of
backup by using rsync.

Kup version 0.9.0, changes since 0.8.0:

- Added detection of when a source folder has been removed. Aborts 
saving backup and prompts user to review what should be included.

- Added a way to prune old backup snapshots, with new small app 

- Bug: fix for detecting harmless errors from bup and ignoring them, bup 
version 0.31 had changed output format and this update follows that 

- Bug: fix detection of mount event for systemd automounts.

- Bug: fix source selection tree view handling a selected source folder 
that has been removed.

- Bug: fix source selection tree view when opening and selection is 

- Bug: fix trying to open a file from a backup repo passed as a relative 
path as argument to kup-filedigger.

- New icon.


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