KDE Partition Manager 4.2.0

Andrius Štikonas andrius at stikonas.eu
Fri Oct 16 21:54:35 BST 2020


I would like to announce release of KDE Partition Manager (and KPMcore library) 4.2.0.


Packaging changes:

* partitionmanager no longer depends on KIconThemes.
* kpmcore gained explicit dependency on polkit-qt1.
* KAuth is now only a build-time dependency used for extracting translations. It will almost surely be gone completely in the next release.
* KDE Frameworks 5.73 is now required. This was overlooked before the release and cmake only checks for 5.56.

* KAuth helper replaced with pure PolkitQt1 helper.
* KDE Partition Manager (including KPMcore library) is now fully REUSE 3.0 compliant [1].
* Support for partitions with unknown file system.
* Fixed and improved mount point and /etc/fstab handling.
* Fixed a crash that was present for a long time but hard to reproduce reliably.
* KPMcore gained support for GPT partition attributes (It is not yet wired in KDE Partition Manager).
* KPMcore has more support for setting GPT partition label and UUID (Again, not yet wired in KDE Partition Manager).
* Port away from various deprecated Qt/KDE methods.

A few notable bugfixes:
* Workaround bad JSON output from sfdisk (will be fixed in util-linux 2.37).
* Import partition flags when importing partition table.
* Apply colour scheme to secondary (MBR logical) partitions.

Kind regards,
Andrius Štikonas

[1] https://reuse.software/
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