KIO GDrive 1.3 Beta released

Elvis Angelaccio elvis.angelaccio at
Mon Mar 23 18:50:30 GMT 2020

KIO GDrive is a KIO slave that enables Google Drive integration with
KIO-aware applications.

# Changes

This is a new major release. The following are the new features:

* Support for the Shared Drives feature of Google Drive.
* New "Copy Google URL to clipboard" action in the Dolphin context-menu.
* Support for the new kaccounts-integration 20.04 release.
* Improved appstream metadata.

This release also includes a fix for bug #401151 ("docx files opened as
archives in remote folders").

# Downloads

Links to the 1.2.80 tarball and signature are available here:

Key fingerprint: F07D85CAA18ACF46A346FD017C7FC6EA8633B4EA

# Other links


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