KDiff3 1.8.3 Release Notes

Michael Reeves reeves.87 at osu.edu
Fri Jun 26 19:28:56 BST 2020

KDiff3 1.8.3 is now released.
It can be found at https://download.kde.org/stable/kdiff3/

MacOS X and Windows 64 bit binaries have also been released.

Known Issues/Limitations:

*As of this time binary comparison has been temporarily disabled due to 
stability concerns. I hope to have this back for the next major release.
*KIO integration is currently problematic. Some non-file protocols cause hangs/
crashes. This has been observed with "fish://". The issue is the result signal 
from KIO. For reason unknown to me this is not always received by KDiff3.
This leads to abnormal behavior. Canceling such jobs should work as expected.
*KDiff3 due to multiple design issues is extremely inefficient both in terms of 
speed and memory usage. This is a carry over from the old kde4 code base.
Work to fix this is being done in master but requires significant reworking.

Fixes for this release:

*Using kdiff3 as a difftool for git will no longer trigger errors on non-
existent files.
*Errors during directory comparison are properly queued so only one message 
will appear.
*Fixes reload on issues Windows due to Qt behavior differences.
*Fixes crash when clipboard is not available.
*Full screen toggle has been reworked to avoid a problematic Qt API call.

This also includes multiple stability fixes from 1.8.2.
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