Kup version 0.8.0

Simon Persson simon.persson at mykolab.com
Wed Jun 3 04:22:13 BST 2020

First release of Kup after incubation to become a KDE project.

Kup is a backup scheduler integrating with the plasma desktop with 
support for versioned incremental backups using bup and for sync-type of 
backup by using rsync.

Kup version 0.8.0, changes since 0.7.3:

- Change how rsync type backups are stored when only one source folder 
is selected. This change tries to minimize risk of deleting files for a 
user who selects a non-empty folder as destination. Added migration code 
to detect and move your files on first run (avoid copying everything 
again and double the storage).
- Added advanced option to specify a file to read exclude patterns from, 
for example to never save *.bak files.
- Changes to default settings, hopefully better
- Reduce warnings about files not being included, was raising too much 
false alarms
- Changed to no longer ask for password to unlock encrypted external 
drives, just for the sake of showing how much space is available.
- Fix to not treat a backup saving as failed just because files went 
missing during the operation, both for rsync and bup.
- Start running backup integrity checks and repairs in parallell based 
on number of CPUs
- Added support for bup metadata version 3, which was added in bup 
version 0.30.
- Lots of smaller fixes to user interface


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