KIO FUSE 5.0.0 released

Fabian Vogt fabian at
Wed Dec 30 12:43:05 GMT 2020


I'm proud to announce the availability of the first stable release of KIO FUSE!

If you don't know what KIO FUSE is about, you can read more
on feverfew's blog at
and the followup posts about development progress.

Compared to the first (and only) release candidate, the following changed:
- Symlinks with an absolute target path are "rewritten" to point to the
  location inside the target instead of the host system
- Mounting a URL which includes symlinks now works
- Quite a bit of refactoring and cleanup, also for ^
- The DBus service can use systemd activation now

Known issues:
- Some applications like VLC and MPV claim support for certain protocols, which
  causes KIO to not use KIO FUSE in certain cases. Please mention which URL was
  actually passed to the application when reporting an issue.
- The changes to the mounting code exposed a bug in the fish:// ioslave, which
  unfortunately makes it unusable from kio-fuse. A fix is pending:
- Poor throughput especially on high latency connections. Work is ongoing to
  improve the situation:

Have a lot of fun,
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