Hex editor Okteta 0.26.0 released

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Mon Mar 11 16:50:33 GMT 2019


Okteta 0.26.0 has been released.

The 0.26 series mainly brings a clean-up of the public API of the provided 
shared libraries. The UI & features of the Okteta program have been kept 
stable, next to one added new feature: there is now a context menu in 
the byte array viewer/editor available.

This is an ABI breaking release over the previous 0.25 series, and even an API 
incompatible one for the Kasten libraries. 3rd-party users of the libraries 
might need to get patched: KDevelop 5.3 has already received related 
patches, which are part of last week's KDevelop v5.3.2. Other public users of 
the libraries are not known to me.

This is not yet the result of the big rewrite of Okteta, that one is taking 
some more time. Instead some changes done there have been back-ported, to 
shrink the gap between the rewrite and the working code a bit.

0.26.0 also makes 0.26 the now only supported stable branch of Okteta.

Packagers: please take a look at the toplevel file README.packagers and 
consider adapting the sub-package recommendations there, given most packaging 
known to me does not yet.

About Okteta:
Okteta is an editor & viewer for the raw data of files. Its functionality is 
largely implemented in software libraries with a public API and thus also 
available to other software.

Learn more at https://www.kde.org/applications/utilities/okteta

Changes since 0.25.5:
* New: context menu available in byte array views, in the program,
  in the KParts plugin and and in the hex editing widgets from LibOktetaGui
* New: qmake pri files and pkg-config pc files installed for the
  OktetaCore & OktetaGui libraries (_not_ for any Kasten ones)
* Changed: ABI-breaking and software-incompatible clean-up of API and
  installed headers of the Okteta & Kasten libraries
* Fixed: the metadata desktop file for the KParts plugin oktetapart is 
  installed again, so it can be found and selected as viewer via its metadata

Download from:


Signed with my PGP key (uploaded to key servers, no-one signed yet)
    E191 FD5B E6F4 6870 F09E 82B2 024E 7FB4 3D01 5474
    Friedrich W. H. Kossebau <kossebau at kde.org>


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