KDE Connect security fix release 1.3.2 and 1.3.3

Albert Vaca albertvaka at gmail.com
Sat Nov 10 21:08:09 GMT 2018


I'm re-sending the changelog for the two latest KDE Connect releases, as it
seems that my previous emails didn't go through.

KDE Connect 1.3.2 includes a security fix plus some minor fixes, while
1.3.3 just addresses an issue when KDE Connect was linked with the latest
version of KIO.

No new features nor new strings, so hopefully the security fix can get into
every distro.

Changes since 1.3.1:
- [Security fix] Don't disable all modern SSH encryption algorithms.
- Remote media player info didn't update under some circumstances.
- Remove characters from commands UUIDs that aren't legal in URLs.
- New notifications now appear on top and not in the bottom of the list in
the plasmoid.
- Dismiss notifications icon is now consistent with the one in Plasma.

Changes since 1.3.2:
- Fix crash when linking against KIO 5.51

Find the tarball here:


Also note that file browsing using KDE Connect won't work unless the
desktop app is at least version 1.3.2, as we have already rolled out the
Android app with the matching security fix.

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