Fwd: ISO Image Writer

Jonathan Riddell jr at jriddell.org
Thu Jun 22 19:20:30 UTC 2017

ISO Image Writer is a tool I'm working on which writes .iso files onto
a USB disk ready for installing your lovely new operating system.
Surprisingly many distros don't have very slick recommendations for
how to do this but they're all welcome to try this.

It's based on ROSA Image Writer which has served KDE neon and other
projects well for some time.  This adds ISO verification to
automatically check the digital signatures or checksums, currently
supported is KDE neon, Kubuntu and Netrunner.  It also uses KAuth so
it doesn't run the UI as root, only a simple helper binary to do the
writing.  And it uses KDE Frameworks goodness so the UI feels nice.

First alpha 0.1 is out now.

Download from https://download.kde.org/unstable/isoimagewriter/

Signed by release manager Jonathan Riddell with 0xEC94D18F7F05997E.
Git tags are also signed by the same key.

It's in KDE Git at kde:isoimagewriter and in bugs.kde.org, please do
try it out and report any issues.  If you'd like a distro added to the
verification please let me know and/or submit a patch. (The code to do
with is a bit verbose currently, it needs tidied up.)

I'd like to work out how to make AppImages, Windows and Mac installs
for this but for now it's in KDE neon developer editions and available
as source.


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