AbZip 1.5

Andy Bray andy at abelay.com
Thu Jun 16 07:29:18 UTC 2016

Name: AbZip
Version: 1.5
Type: KDE Archiving/Backup
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 AbZip is a Qt based C++ class for creating Zip
archives. Its not a wrapper for other Zip/Unzip
code but accesses the archives directly via

I created this code after I needed to archive
files for another project I was working on. I
started to use QuaZip but quickly found problems
with this. The main one being that you could not
delete or update files in an existing archive.
This was a big problem for me, hence I wrote this

So far Ive tested it on Windows and Linux, so I
would appreciate help with compatibility with
other platforms.

AbZip features include:

- Creating new or opening existing (Pkware v2.0)
Zip archives.
- Add files or entire folders to the archive
- File name filters can be applied
- Update existing files
- Delete files from the archive (not many - Zip
classes do this as I found out, which is the
reason I wrote these classes!)
- Rename files within the archive
- Extract one or more files
- Extract based on file name filters
- Search for files, again using wildcard filters
and sort the results
- Use Strong AES encryption instead of the default
Pkware CRC base encryption
- Supports 64bit archives.
- Auto rebuild damaged Central Directory.
- Additional compression methods can easily be
created and added (Currently -  Ive added BZip2
but intend to start to add others later).


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