QCA 2.1.1 (qt4+qt5)

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Mon Oct 5 07:43:27 UTC 2015

New maintenance release of QCA, the cross-platform cryptography API for Qt.


- Whole pile of cmake/build improvements to support various platforms better
- Merged the qt5 library separation previously released as tarball qca-qt5

# Qt5
This release replaces the previously separate qca-qt5 tarball.
By default QCA 2.1.1+ will build a library called libqca-qt5 iff Qt5
is found. If it is not found or CMake was called with
-DQT4_BUILD=true, Qt4 will be required and a library called libqca is
built. The two build modes install *completely* separate files to
enable installing the Qt4 and Qt5 build on the same system alongside
one another without risking that applications using QCA load an
incompatible Qt version.

To use the Qt5 version rather than the Qt4 version of QCA simply
append '-qt5' to all uses of Qca in CMake.

> find_package(Qca-qt5 2.1.0)
> target_link_libraries(foo qca-qt5)

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