Helper for desktop-spanning wallpapers git HEAD

Stephan Sokolow works_5_times955.epsilon.ssokolow at
Wed Jul 22 22:54:47 UTC 2015

Name: Helper for desktop-spanning wallpapers
Version: git HEAD
Type: KDE Other Utility
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: Other
More Info:

 A simple little script, compatible with any
possible combination of Python 2.x/3.x and PyQt
4.x/5.x, which reads your monitor layout from
XRandR and then scales and crops a background
image to produce individual monitor backgrounds
for Plasma.

Supports both explicit images and, via
[b]--randomize[/b], a list of folders.

Supports various cropping alignments via
[b]--gravity[/b] (see [b]--help[/b] for details)

For automatic update, run it on a cronjob and set
Plasma into slideshow mode. It will generate a
folder for each monitor containing the single
background file its supposed to display.

Also includes a sample .desktop file for
integration into Geeqies context menu via Zenity.
(Ive yet to find a Qt image viewer as snappy as
GQView/Geeqie and Zenitys [b]--list[/b] allows
double-click selection while KDialogs
[b]--menu[/b] does not.)


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