GCompris RELEASE 0.41

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at gcompris.net
Thu Jul 9 06:19:16 UTC 2015


Just uploaded the release 0.41 of GCompris on the Google play store.
Sadly, the x86 apk is now larger than 50MB and thus is not accepted. For
the next release we have to add support for Apk expansion files. For now
x86 Android users can run it through their emulation layer or download
the apk on gcompris.net.

Since last version (0.34), we added 17 activities making GCompris going
over 100 activities (103 to be precise): algebra_div, babymatch,
babyshapes, braille_fun, chronos, details, geo-country, geography,
hanoi, hanoi_real, imagename, intro_gravity, louis-braille, simplepaint,
superbrain, tic_tac_toe and tic_tac_toe_2players.

Moreover, thanks to KDE translation teams, we have 15 languages fully
supported: Ukrainian, Swedish, Spanish, Slovenian (new), Portuguese,
Polish, Norwegian Nynorsk, Italian, German (new), Galician (new),
French, Dutch, Chinese Traditional, Catalan, British English and
Brazilian Portuguese.

Also, following out indiegogo campaign [1], Timothée Giet managed to
update all icons (activities + core ones) along with some background
images. You can see the result in this video [2].

The tarball:

The Android binaries:



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