ZCover 0.1

José Abad granveoduendes at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 02:00:56 UTC 2014

Name: ZCover
Version: 0.1
Type: KDE Improvement
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 [b]This is a concept that is functional.[/b]
I call zCover. To me music like having ordered.
All my CDs have passed to the computer for
practicality. And I like to have them classified.
Some time ago I programmed this little plugin. Now
I\\\\\\\'ve extended at the request of friends.

When the directory that has videos or music must
have a folder \\\\\\\"zCover\\\\\\\" was call is
active. If they are music files, each CD has to be
in a folder with music files and one image that
\\\\\\\"Cover.jpg\\\\\\\" (see the screenshot) is
called. If they are video files, the cover of this
video has to be within the \\\\\\\"zCover\\\\\\\"
directory with the same name and
\\\\\\\"jpg\\\\\\\" format.

This is a concept that can compile and run. Foul
complete to be at the desired level. Among things
that I wonder if it should work:

[li]1. When I enable \\\\\\\"zCover\\\\\\\" plugin
must disable the plugin \\\\\\\"folders\\\\\\\". I
wish we can mix the two features. If it is not a
\\\\\\\"zCover\\\\\\\" folder apply the default
plugin Dolphin.[/li]

[li]2. When a \\\\\\\"zCover\\\\\\\" folder files
are displayed in a special view within Dolphin as
a bookcase is detected. (I know, is very typical
but why not).[/li]

[li]3. Different styles of boxes by using themes.
[i](This is easy to program)[/i][/li]

[li]4. Metadata stored within the
\\\\\\\"zCover\\\\\\\" folder.[/li]

I would like to know your opinion of the concept
and if I ayudais complete the plugin 100%
Do not forget that it is a concept.
Instructions for compiling are in the README file.
I added the script that I use to compile and test
that uses Checkinstall.

Thank you.


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