PortalView Live Desktop Wallpaper 1.5

Gold Nugget michelle at goldnuggetwebs.com
Sat Nov 30 21:29:51 UTC 2013

Name: PortalView Live Desktop Wallpaper
Version: 1.5
Type: KDE Other Software
Depend: Python
License: GPL
More Info:

 PortalView delivers real-time wallpaper, on your
Linux based desktop, from thousands of webcams and
weather sites worldwide. Launch this simple Python
program with a click to watch the sun set over the
Mediterranean or Old Faithful erupt in Yellowstone

Automatic updating allows you to monitor your
local webcam or road conditions without keeping a
resource-hungry browser open. Doppler and
Satellite maps keep you informed of approaching
weather. World Sunlight maps (Earthlights) include
rectangular, hemispheric and moon phase views.

Includes scores of international webcams and
weather maps to start with, then customize with
your favorites. Supports .jpg, .gif and .png image

PortalView was written to work with the most
popular Graphical Desktop Environments including
KDE, Unity and Gnome 2 & 3 and runs happily on
most distros, including Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, Suse
and more.  


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