Free Chart Geany 1.1.2

Lucas Tsatiris chartgeany at
Sat Nov 23 21:17:09 UTC 2013

Name: Free Chart Geany
Version: 1.1.2
Type: KDE Financial
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Free Chart Geany is a  software solution for
market technical analysis and charting.

Key features of Free Chart Geany:

- Support for major technical analysis indicators
like: Simple Moving Average, Exponential Moving
Average, MACD, Relative Strength Index,  Bollinger
Bands and Parabolic SAR.

- Support for various Comma Separated Values 
(CSV) formats like Metastock 7, Metastock 8, AMI
Broker, Yahoo Finance, Google Finance and Standard

- Support for various drawing and text objects
like Labels, Trailing Text, Horizontal Lines,
Vertical Lines, Trend Lines and Fibonacci

- Line, Bar, Candle and Trend Candle (Heikin-Ashi)

- Linear or semi-logarithmic price scaling.

- Zoom In and Zoom out.

- Time-frames: Day, Week, Month and Year.

- One click screen shots for charts.

- Spreadsheet-like data manager. 

- Single file local storage.  You can work offline
if needed.

- Self-contained software, independent from other
software back-ends like Java Virtual Machine or
.NET Framework.

- Easy download of quotes from Yahoo Finance or
Google Finance.

- Free Chart Geany is a tab based application. You
can manage the charts the same way you manage the
pages of your web browser.


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