KRunner Synonyms 0.1

David Leipzig mail at
Sat Feb 23 11:27:02 UTC 2013

Name: KRunner Synonyms
Version: 0.1
Type: KDE Improvement
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 This runner finds synonyms using google
It supports two different syntax:

Syntax: =

→ This will find synonyms for . 
The source language will be automatically detected
by google.
When a word exists in different languages you can
use the following syntax:

Syntax: = 

A list of all supported languages you can find

Please note: If you are looking up synonyms for an
english word you always have to use \"=en \"

Example: =en house

this will find synonyms for the english word

Example: =maison

this will find synonyms for \"maison\"

Simple, isn\'t it? :-)

Please note that this is an early version of the
There are three main problems right now:

==== API ====

At the moment the runner uses Google Translate for
finding synonyms.
But for some words Google doesn\'t provide any
So if you know a better free API please let me
know and I may implement it.
Maybe in a future version is used.

==== Syntax ====

The syntax is not perfect especially when looking
up english words.
Cause the runner it uses Google translate, there
have to be a language the word is translated into.
In the default case this is english because this
leads into the best results.
And because Google won\'t translate english into
english we have to specifie a different target
So the runner needs to know if the word is english
to change the target language.

If you have some ideas how to make it even more
comfortable, please let me know!

==== Results ===

I can\'t guarantee the runner will work penfectly.

If you find a word the runner doesn\'t provide any
synonyms please let me know and I\'ll fix it.
But please check via Google Translate wheater
there Google provides synonyms!

Thanks for your help!

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