BareEmbeddedProjectMaanger Plugin for Qt 1.0

sanju chopra sanjuchopracool at
Sat Dec 7 19:54:58 UTC 2013

Name: BareEmbeddedProjectMaanger Plugin for Qt
Version: 1.0
Type: KDE Development Tool
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: BSD
More Info:

 I always wanted wanted to use QtCreator for
embedded(ARM) programming. But i never found any
documentation regarding that.Most of the tools for
arm programming are only available for windows and
they are very expensive. With their evaluation
version either we can compile up to 32KB or we can
use them only for one month.Other free IDE are
based on Eclipse. So i decided to write a small
plugin for QtCreator so that i can create and
manage basic ARM projects without maintaining
their makefile and writing other assembly and
linker files each time.

What problems this plugin will solve ?

    You can create a new project with some clicks.
It will automatically create a generic start up
code and linker file, so that you can directly
start with main function.
    For each linker file you add to project it
will create two build configuration one for
release and second for debug mode.With project
wizard you will find a ROM.ld file and two build
configuration ROM-debug and ROM-release.
    you don’t need to maintain a makefile for
the project. When ever you add any source file(c
or assembly) it will automatically update the
makefile according to its dependency. Right click
on project will give you options to build , clean
the project and generate makefile for the project.

What are the limitations ?

    Right now it only support C and assembly.
    Only work with GNU Arm compiler (elf or eabi )
    There is no run configuration because running
an arm program means loading the bin or hex file
to the micro controller and it depends on
    No debug support.

If you are professional embedded programmer than
its not the right plugin for you, but if you are
beginner to arm programming this plugin will help
you a lot, and i can surely say that QtCreator
will save a lot of time. Its editor is the best i
have ever seen.This is just a start for this
plugin. Right now you can create and manage the
basic projects.But i will add lot more feature
like full C++ support and debugging along with
graphical interface to configure each and every
aspect of project.


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