Krusader 2.4.0-beta3 "Single Step" released!

Dirk Eschler eschler at
Sun Oct 21 12:05:28 UTC 2012

Krusader-2.4.0-beta3 "Single Step"
We are pleased to announce a new version of the Krusader file manager.
The sole purpose of this beta is to address a regression introduced in beta2:
A crash when trying to open/(un)mount an ejectable device via media menu.

README of Krusader-2.4.0-beta2 "Giant Steps"
With this release we finally enter a feature and string freeze (this time for 
real). We ask you to provide bug reports, feedback and patches to make the 
upcoming stable as solid as possible.

The highlights of this release are:
- Assignable global shortcut to bring Krusader's main window to top
- Go to Other Panel's Directory - shortcut: CTRL+=
- Use Okteta kpart as hex-viewer by default
- Configurable media menu
- Quicker (un)mounting: pressing CTRL+RETURN when media menu is open
                        (un)mounts the highlighted device

Read SVNNEWS for detailed information about the new features and the INSTALL 
file for installation instructions.

Notice: if you've got bugs to report, please do so using KDE's bugtracker

            as always, enjoy
                 Krusader Krew.


Dirk Eschler <eschler at>

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