Shared-Desktop-Ontologies 0.9.0 released

Sebastian Trüg trueg at
Fri Feb 10 21:31:17 UTC 2012

I am proud to announce the release of SDO 0.9.0 which brings the
following additions over 0.8:

* Added properties nfo:depicts and nfo:depiction
* Made nmm:artwork a subproperty of nfo:depiction
* Added nrl:DefiningProperty and nrl:NonDefiningProperty
* Set nao:userVisible on the following classes and properties:
  - nao:score
  - nao:hasSubResource
  - nao:hasSuperResource
  - nrl:Graph
  - rdf:Property
  - rdfs:Class
  - rdfs:Resource
  - nie:hasPart
  - nie:isPartOf
  - nfo:hasHash
  - nuao:Event
* Added class nfo:LocalFileDataObject

It is highly recommended to update. This release is fully backwards
compatible and enables from internal advantages in Nepomuk.

Get the sources from

The Shared desktop ontologies provide RDF vocabularies for the Semantic
Desktop. This includes basic ontologies like RDF and RDFS and all the
Nepomuk ontologies like NRL, NIE, or NFO which are also maintained and
developed in this open-source project.


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