Grub2 Kcm 1.0

Alberto Mattea support.intranet at
Wed Jan 26 18:49:23 CET 2011

Name: Grub2 Kcm
Version: 1.0
Type: KDE System Tool
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 This Kcm module manages the most common settings
of Grub2.
It uses the KAuth authorization system to gain
root privilegies and is thus well integrated in
system settings, under startup/shutdown.
Grub features supported/general:
- Default item
- Timeout
- Hidden timeout
- Force menu
- Countdown
- Background image
- Linux quiet and splash parameters
Grub features supported/advanced:
- Distributor
- Default commandline
- Gfx resolution
- Disable recovery
- Disable memtest
- Disable uuid
- Disable gfx

Grub2 Kcm requires cmake, make, g++, kdelibs-dev,
pyqt, pykde and gettext.
Move in the \"build\" directory and issue the
following commands:
sudo make install

It fully supports translations, but for now only
english and italian are provided. If you want to
translate it into your language, don\'t hesitate!
It takes just about 15 minutes.

NOTE: there is a bug in Ubuntu 11.04 (prerelease)
that makes it impossible to change the default
item. Please don\'t do it, otherwise your grub may
be screwed up.


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