KMess 2.0.5 released

Valerio Pilo valerio at
Tue Oct 26 01:49:15 CEST 2010

October 25 2010 -- The KMess team announces today the availability of the
latest release of KMess: KMess 2.0.5, the newest version of the Live
Messenger (MSN) client, powered by the KDE platform. As usual with our
2.0 point releases, it contains a lot of bug fixes, but also general
improvements, and even some new features. Here is a quick highlight of
the changes in this new version:

  * KMess now displays your previous conversation with a contact in
    the chat window.
  * Significantly increased speed whilst loading chat history.
  * Added a calendar feature to the chat history dialog.
  * Added a button to the chat window to quickly access the chat
    history of contacts in the conversation.
  * Added notifications for address book changes (contact added,
    removed, blocked, etc).
  * Updated the Traditional Chinese translation.
  * Updated the Estonian translation.
  * Updated the Hungarian translation.
  * Updated the French translation.
  * Fix a crash bug that occurred during offline message parsing.
  * Various other smaller fixes...

The screenshots page [0] provides a detailed overview of what KMess looks 

You can find the source code at the downloads page [1], and binary
packages for various distributions will start flooding in soon.

Thanks to 28 volunteer translators, KMess is available in 19
languages. Other people, without whom this release would not be what
it is today, as well as the current members of the KMess team, are
listed on our People page [2].

Any remarks, notes, threats, treats, as well as bug reports can be
posted at our forums [3]. You can also send us messages using the
LikeBack client built into KMess, accessible via Help -> Send a
Comment to the Developers. We wish you a lot of fun and chatting with

The KMess team


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