Soprano 2.4.1 released

Sebastian Trüg trueg at
Thu Mar 4 15:32:20 CET 2010

"With every new KDE SC release there is a new Soprano release." Well, that is 
not entirely true but often holds. This time Soprano 2.4.1 accompanies KDE SC 
4.4.1 and adds a few minor improvements over 2.4.0:

* Virtuoso backend improvements:
  - New parameter "forcedstart" which when set will make the backend shut down
    any running Virtuoso instance already accessing the storage dir (does not
    work on Windows).
  - Shut down Virtuoso using the SIGINT (instead of SIGTERM) signal to ensure
    a checkpoint (not available on Windows).
* Allow to build Soprano with -fvisibility=hidden -fvisibility-inlines-hidden
  (thanks to Modestas Vainius of Debian for the patch)
* New pkgConfig files for sopranoclient, sopranoserver, and sopranoindex.

Grab it and package it. As always the sources are here:

Sebastian Trueg
(Soprano Maintainer)

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