KBarcode4-light 0.1

Dominik Seichter domseichter at web.de
Tue Aug 17 18:42:17 CEST 2010

Name: KBarcode4-light
Version: 0.1
Type: KDE Printing
Depend: PyKDE/PyQt
License: GPL
More Info:

 KBarcode4-light is a simple barcode generator for
KDE4. It supports many 1D and 2D barcode formats
and can export them as images or PDF files.

It is similar to KBarcode for KDE3, but less
powerful. KBarcode4-light allows only to create
single barcodes. As the port for KBarcode is not
yet ready and no one knows when it will be ready,
KBarcode4-light provides basic barcode generation
for KDE. An additional benefit is that it provides
an easy to use interface for Barcode Writer in
Pure Postscript.

It is  written in Python using the PyQt4 Qt
bindings and based on Barcode Writer in Pure
Postscript by Terry Burton [0].

[0] http://www.terryburton.co.uk/barcodewriter/

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