Brasillinux Desktop RC6

Henrique Lhamas henrique.lhamas at
Thu Oct 1 20:43:10 CEST 2009

Name: Brasillinux Desktop
Version: RC6
Type: KDE Other Software
License: GPL
More Info:

 The Brasillinux Desktop RC6 is a customized
version of the official Debian Lenny 5:02 PT-BR,
including programs such as; BROffce 3.0, Gimp 2.6,
Remastersys adapted for Debian etc.. The purpose
of this customization is to provide the
possibility of building\\\'s installable live CD
containing a selection of packages custom
(customized) by the User. After installing the
Desktop Brasillinux you can uninstall packages
(Games, Educational, etc.) as a new install
Apache, MySQL, PHP etc, and write an installable
liveCD with these new packages already configured.
The scope of Brasillinux Desktop RC6 is your

Praktikant Programmierung/Marketing - h i v e 01 gmbh - trainee
Senior Flash Developer - Struktur AG - vollzeit

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