1337-x369513929661000482 1.0v

brian cropper x369513929661000482 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 05:38:17 CET 2009

Name: 1337-x369513929661000482
Version: 1.0v
Type: KDE Sound Application
Depend: KDE 3.0.x
License: Artistic 2.0
Homepage: http://usbhackers.webs.com/
More Info:

 This is my \"Gr33n and B|u3\"-(Theme)
To describe it
\"its...dark,evil,different,special,unique and it
also glows\". To describe my theme its not like
any others. I didnt want to copy any other theme
style! I am a creator and my lust for
security,hacking and creating new ideas allowed me
to come up with this theme called
1337-x369513929661000482. It has glowing neon
greens and blues with dark greys and blacks, with
a security feel to it,and a sense of evil to it
with the skulls and alien faces but kind of
futuristic with its hues and glows... so all in
all if I liked skulls,alien faces,computer
security,neon themes,linux,or just another theme
thats special...then this is for you:)
Everyone enjoy i also left some ascii art inside
the readme.txt file to be different:) and also
Thanks to all the sites that host my downloads for
everyone to download and enjoy..:)

Praktikant Programmierung/Marketing
openDesktop.org - h i v e 01 gmbh - trainee
Trainee Software Entwicklung openDesktop.org - h i
v e 01 gmbh - trainee

more jobs: http://KDE-Apps.org/jobs/

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