console_reader 1.0

Tim Fechtner urwald at
Sat Nov 21 12:48:14 CET 2009

Name: console_reader
Version: 1.0
Type: KDE Development Tool
License: GPL
More Info:

 Use this abstract class when you want to
interpretate the output of a KProcess

This class is useful when you want to read and
interpretate the output of a command line program,
and espacialy when you want to write a graphical
frontend to a command line program.

This class has a protected member m_process of
type KProcess which is used to start the external
program. When you inherit from this class, you
have to add some methods to set up and start this
process. In m_process, stderr and stdout are
merged. Don\'t read the output from m_process
yourself. Instead, implement
stringList) to process the output of m_process

Attention: It is expected that no \\0x00 is
contained in the output of m_process. 

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