FlashQard 0.12.0

shahab shirazi shahab.sh.70 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 28 20:44:53 CEST 2009

Name: FlashQard
Version: 0.12.0
Type: KDE Education
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
Homepage: http://flashqard.sourceforge.net/
More Info:

 FlashQard is an educational software to improve
your learning process. It is designed to help you
learn not only a new language but anything that
can be learnt!
This aim is achieved by using the widely used
method, called Leitner System, and the idea of
"different card types for different purposes".
Leitner System (proposed by Sebastian Leitner in
the 1970s) is one the most efficient methods for
learning. Which allows you to focus on the most
difficult flashcards and not waste your time on
what you have already learnt. 

0.12.0   -   28/6/2009
* Implemented the idea of "stack" and "Active
* Multiple selection support
* Drag and Drop cards/stages/stack from the list
* More settings for better customization including
but not limited to:
  * Navigation settings while reviewing
(automatically select next/prev card, select a
random card...)
* Use images.google.com to fetch images
* Added "Mark cards to be answer" button in the
* Text-to-speech is fixed in windows
* Many bugfixes
* Translation update

0.11.0   -   5/1/2009
* Support KVTML files (version 2 - read only)
* Support CSV files (read and write)
* Added an information dialog (in file menu)
* Speed optimization for large files
* Some changes for prettier and more useful user

0.10.0 - 9/12/2008
* Vocabulary cards can contain several languages
* Added a "Configure review" dialog with lots of
* Added a show/hide button for cards list
* Some changes for better UI (user interface)
* Better report
* Ask for confirmation to leave when user is
reviewing cards
* Added a tool bar to cards list for better
* Lots of bug fixes

Please visit the website for complete changelog...

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