Bilbo Blogger 0.9.95 (1.0 Beta1)

Golnaz Nilieh g382nilieh at
Sun Jun 28 15:33:07 CEST 2009

Name: Bilbo Blogger
Version: 0.9.95 (1.0 Beta1)
Type: KDE Other Utility
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Bilbo is a blogging client for KDE, which
supports famous blogging APIs.

[b]Its current features:[/b]

* A full featured WYSIWYG editor.
* An HTML editor with syntax highlighting.
* Previewing your post with your blog style! like
when you are visiting it at your blog.
* Support for Blogger1.0, MetaWeblog, MovableType
(Wordpress supports All of these!) and Google
GData (used on blogs) APIs!
* Support for Creating/Modifying/Deleting posts.
* Support for creating drafts and scheduled posts!
* Support for uploading media files to your blog
(Just on supported APIs e.g. MetaWeblog and
* Support for uploading to FTP server.
* Support for Fetching your recent blog entries.
* Support for adding Images to post from your
system. It will upload them on Submitting post to
blog (Just on supported APIs e.g. MetaWeblog and
* Support for saving local entries before
* Saving your writing copy to prevent data loss,
at configurable intervals.
* and ...

To get more information, donate, or contribute in
bilbo development, visit bilbo website:

Bilbo is based on Qt4 and KDE4 libraries and uses
a modified KBlog library (called BilboKBlog).

You need KDELibs and KDEPimLibs development
packages to build it. (e.g. for Kubuntu:
kdelibs5-dev and kdepimlibs5-dev)

 [b]Version 0.9.95[/b]
 - Using system tray icon made optional, and
disabled by default.
 - Many improvements to Add/Edit blog dialog.
 - Support for uploading to FTP server.
 - Support for LiveJournal improved. (Use Blogger
1.0 API for it)
 - Support for Drupal improved. (Use MovableType
API for it)
 - Support for html syntax highlighting.
 - Support for blockquote tags.
 - Support for html heading tags.
 - Better support of caching in preview section.
 - Improvements to the UI.

[b]Version 0.9[/b]
 - First release.

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Junior Software Engineer in Stuttgart (w/m) -
softSCIENCE GmbH - vollzeit

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