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Mon Jun 22 17:29:29 CEST 2009

Name: QtiPlot
Type: KDE Scientific
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 Data analysis and scientific plotting.

2009/06/22 - QtiPlot released. Special
thanks to Olivier Dubreuil for his bug reports and
suggestions. Changes:

    * Slightly modified the Qwt 5.2 library in
order to allow painting of 2D curves using
floating point coordinates, resulting in a more
accurate/smoother represantation of the data (the
modified source code of this library is shipped
with the QtiPlot archive in the "3rdparty/qwt"
    * Implemented waterfall plots.
    * Added a powerfull exploration tool for 2D
plots combining panning and continuous zooming.
    * Improved the export of 2D plots to the EMF
format on Windows. Now when you copy a plot window
or a layer, the images are stored to the clipboard
as metafiles using EmfEngine.
    * Improved contour line plots. Now the user
has the possibility to:
          o use the formula defined for the data
source matrix in order to calculate Z values,
resulting in smoother contour lines
          o display text labels for the Z contour
          o define custom Z levels
          o define custom colors and pen widths
for each Z level
    * Improved Python scripting for 2D curves.
Added scripting support for:
          o image/contour line plots
          o histograms
          o waterfall plots
    * Fixed crash when calling newNote() in a
Python script with Python 2.6 (thanks to Knut
    * Improved color handling for curves/symbols
in a 2D plot:
          o the user can define custom colors.
          o it is straightforward to restrict all
colors to a gray scale or to define indexed colors
via the "Palette" plot layer context menu (Feature
Request #00381).
    * Improved data fitting capabilities:
          o fixed fitting with user defined
functions containing removable singularities.
          o improved display range of prediction
and confidence bands.
          o implemented Feature Request #004587:
"Fit through zero".
          o added planck_wavelength fit plugin,
thanks to Knut Franke.
    * Improved the display of analytic 2D
functions: in case of logarithmic x-scales the
values are calculated using equidistant data
points on the log scale.
    * Improved 2D plot layers context menu.
    * Fixed file saving for filenames containing
dot signes.
    * Added Chinese translation thanks to Fox
(Chen Zhang).

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