Simutrans Starter 2 1.99.3

Georg Lassnig georg.lassnig at
Mon Jun 22 11:31:38 CEST 2009

Name: Simutrans Starter 2
Version: 1.99.3
Type: KDE Other Utility
Depend: Qt 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 [size=3]Here we go!

Simutrans Starter is a small GUI for the great
Simutrans128 [url][/url]
transport economic simulation game. It support you
to install and configure the game.

For more information visit the project page and
read the ChangeLog

This is a complete redeveloped version with C++
and the Qt4 Ui Framework.
This is my first C++ application. Please be mercy!

Currently supported pak sets are pak64, pak64
german and pak128. Other pak sets will follow as
soon as possible.

Sorry for my bad english.[/size]

 [size=5][b]* Mon Jun 22 2009 Georg Lassnig
[li][b]ADDED:[/b] Max number of stations to the
global[/li][li][b]ADDED:[/b] Max
number of convoys (i.e. train or truck with
trailer or single truck) to the global[/li][li][b]ADDED:[/b] Max number of
lines (all line handles) to the global[/li][li][b]ADDED:[/b] pak set
pak128.Britain.[/li][li][b]ADDED:[/b] More
resolution settings on the
mainwindow.[/li][li][b]FIXED:[/b] The pak set
pages in settings are not shown correctly. If a
pak set not installed.[/li]

[size=5][b]* Wed Jun 10 2009 Georg Lassnig
[li][b]COMPLETED:[/b] English
translation.[/li][li][b]ADDED:[/b] River settings
for pak128.[/li]

[size=5][b]* Tue Jun 09 2009 Georg Lassnig 
[li][b]ADDED:[/b] Missed translation files.[/li]

[size=5][b]* Mon Jun 08 2009 Georg Lassnig 
[li]Initial release of Simutrans Starter 2.
Developed with C++ and the Qt4 UI-Framework.[/li]

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Junior Software Engineer in Stuttgart (w/m) -
softSCIENCE GmbH - vollzeit

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