KpGen 1.2 Beta 2

Álvaro Morais alvarommorais at
Fri Jun 19 19:21:59 CEST 2009

Name: KpGen
Version: 1.2 Beta 2
Type: KDE Security
Depend: KDE 4.x
License: GPL
More Info:

 KpGen is an modern Password Generator. It has
some interesting features, like a random generator
based on mouse move with some strong options. It
can also work as a hash calculator, calculating
hashes of passwords and phrases.

         Version 1.2 Beta 2
* Installation system drastically improved(Read
the Readme.txt)
* Added the uninstall option
* Added kpgen.desktop
* Added the Git Version Number on the About Tab
* Added the custom version option

Version 1.2 Beta

* Increase compatibility with windows32 build

* Decreased the size of options Panel

Version 1.1 Beta

* Changed the options Panel (only icons show now)

* Reformulated the about page
  - Added the Build with QT version 4.x and
    using Qt Version 4.x
  - Added a translators credits page

* New pt_BR translation added

* new pt_PT translation added

* Fixed links to open in default browser and
default email client

* Fixed the readme.txt

* Added "make install" option

Version 1.0 Beta

* New Icons
  (I Hope you liked. I'm a programmer, not a

* Quality progress bar now have different colors
  depending on the password strength.

* The Save Log button now works.

* The bug that was freezing the program when
  reached 0 is now fixed.

* The restore defaults button now works.

* Removed the "start minimized" check button.

* Fixed a bug that was giving false 0 bit

* Kpgen now checks if there is an system tray

* Fixed a bug that prevented Random Generator
options to
  synchronize with the system tray alias option.

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